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YY lashes 0.05


Say goodbye to clumpy, heavy lashes and hello to soft, fluffy volume with YY lashes!

These 2D lashes provide the perfect balance between classic and volume extensions, allowing for easy application while giving you the full, voluminous look you desire. Made from premium, high-quality materials, YY lashes offer excellent retention and an impressive 40% increase in curl retention. 

Available in mixed trays ranging from 9mm to 15mm and in C, CC, and D curls, YY lashes are incredibly flexible, time-saving and budget-friendly. With a dark matte finish, they are perfect for classic, hybrid, and light-volume sets.

Some of its highlights are:

  • Mixed trays in 9mm to 15mm, with new high-quality material, keep curl and retention more than 40%;
  • Premium dark matte;
  • Available C, CC and D curl;
  • 12-row lash trays;
  • Fantastic flexibility, time-saving and budget-friendly;
  • Offer a matte finish;
  • Great for classic, hybrid and light volume.

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