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Easy Fan Volume Lashes

  With the Easy Fan Volume lashes, you can quickly and easily make the desired fans in a pinch! You can keep a case of them in case you ever need to hand make a few fans to fill in a set.  If you are struggling to make mega volume fans, or exhausted from a long day of lashing, this will be a life-saver for you! The glue strip at the bottom is ideal for aspiring lash artist to practice and create gorgeous mega volume fans! 

  • Material: Silk with 16 lines per tray
  • Color: True Dark, Electric blue, Lavender Purple
  • Curl: C, CC, and D curl and Length: 9mm to 16mm


  Easy fan volume lashes have a larger base than our Promades, for best result pinch the bottom of the lashes together  to minimize the size of the base. Make sure to use less glue compared to our promade lashes when applying these lashes to prevent clumps from forming.