Retention Maximizers

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    Introducing our collection of Retention Maximizers - the ultimate solution for maximizing the retention of your client's lashes!

    Our collection includes a range of high-quality products that are expertly crafted to ensure maximum lash retention. Whether you're looking for primers, sealants, or aftercare products, our Retention Maximizers have everything you need to provide your clients with long-lasting and flawless lash extensions.

    Our Retention Maximizers are specially formulated to help strengthen and protect natural lashes while promoting lash extension retention. They are made from high-quality materials and are designed to provide a comfortable and easy application process.

    By investing in our Retention Maximizers, you can ensure that your clients' lash extensions stay in place for longer periods of time, providing them with the ultimate lash transformation that they desire.

    5 products
    Prime It Up ! (Pre-treatment)
    LLBA Vegan Primer
    LLBA Vegan Primer
    LLBA Vegan Primer
    LLBA Nano Bonder
    Coating Sealant for Extensions
    from $13.00
    LLBA Peptide Lash and Brow Growth Serum (WHITE )
    from $28.00