Double Layer Lashes

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    Welcome to LLBA's Signature Double Layer Lashes Collection!

    Our Signature Double Layer Lashes are part of two special collection - our Loose Promade Fans and the much-loved Lashfolio series.

    What sets these lashes apart? They're crafted with a unique two-layer design. Each layer has its own curl, creating an eye-catching fullness and a stunning gradient effect that goes from dark at the base to light at the tips. This design is ideal for clients looking for a lush, standout lash look.

    Try them out in your next session. With LLBA's Signature Double Layer Lashes, you're not just applying lashes; you're crafting a masterpiece on every client’s eyes. Make every look one to remember!

    4 products
    Double Layer Lashes 8D 0.05
    $28.99 CAD
    Double Layer Lashes 10D 0.03
    $32.99 CAD
    Double Layer Lashes 12D 0.03
    $35.99 CAD
    LashFolio Double Layer Lashes 8D 0.05
    $32.99 CAD