XL Promade fans - LLBA CA

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XL Promade fans

TIME IS MONEY and a well organized and prepared setup is key to saving time. We all had lashing sessions take longer than expected. Whether its because of our clients showing up late, or with less lashes than expected, or our children or partner needing attention, time is the most precious commodity we have. 

This is why we offer our Mini, Ultraspeed and XL trays! With these trays you will have all your lashes well organized and laid out for you, saving your precious time you could be using for lashing! Our PROMADE fans are laid out at the perfect angle for you to tweeze quickly and painlessly. This setup allows you to perform faster, and more accurately! 

  • Material: Silk
  • Color: Black and colors
  • Curl: C, CC, D Curls
  • Diameter: 3D to 16D
  • Lengths: single and mixed trays available.