Tina Davies PIXL Needle Cartridges Sampler Pack

SKU: tinadacviespixl

Tina Davies PIXL Needle Cartridges Sampler Pack

SKU: tinadacviespixl
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Say goodbye to limiting needle configurations and hello to limitless artistic possibilities with the PIXL Sampler Pack.

This kit includes 10 long taper needles in various sizes, each with a unique no-drip tip to ensure a flawless, precise application every time. Whether you're looking for a fine-detailed design or bold, efficient coverage, the Sampler Pack has got you covered.

With a patented safety membrane to prevent back-flow, an improved finger ledge for comfort, and a full-colour membrane from optimizing machine performance, you can trust the PIXL Sampler Pack to take your art to the next level.

The PIXL Sampler Pack is compatible with all rotary machines and is EO gas sterilized, making it safe, disposable and perfect for any level of artist. So why wait? Elevate your game today with the PIXL Sampler Pack!


  • 10 needle cartridges per box;
  • 0.25mm 1RL and 0.30mm 1RL (two each);
  • 0.35mm 1RL, 0.25mm 3RL, 0.25mm 3RS, 0.25mm 5RS, 0.25mm 7CM and 0.25mm 9CM (one each);
  • Use small needles (1RL, 3RL, 3RS, 5RS) for precise details;
  • Use large needles (7CM, 9CM) for coverage and efficiency;
  • All needles fit rotary machines and are effective on the face and body;
  • Unique tip and finger rest for improved precision, control, and comfort;
  • Full membrane to prevent backflow and EO gas sterilized.

    HOW TO:

    • I’m excited to share my new and improved PIXL Needle Cartridges with you! Artists can expect an effortless experience with this new, unique needle tip to reduce pigment pooling, improve visibility, and increase stability & precision.
    • These needles also feature an improved finger ledge for enhanced control and comfort to reduce hand fatigue.
    • Tina Davies needle cartridges are always made with a patented safety membrane to prevent backflow and optimize machine performance.
    • Needle selection is based on personal preference, skin condition and design demands. When choosing your needles for each client, always consider which configuration will cause the least amount of trauma to your client's skin.
    • To use: insert, twist and lock into place.
    • Adjust the needle hang on your machine for optimal pigment flow to allow the needle to protrude by 2-3 mm. If the needle is extended too far, it may not pick up enough colour from the tip as it retracts. If the needle is not extended far enough, you will find it difficult to see the tip and may experience pigment pooling.
    • Allow the needle to "draw up" the ink into the tip of the cartridge by running the machine and holding the tip in place in your pigment cup. Take care not to let the needle hit the bottom of the cup, which may damage the needle tip. Use a pigment sponge to help.
    • Always work off the tip(s) of the needle without forcing it into the skin. If the needle is resistant to the skin, you may need to change to a smaller or tighter configuration to minimize trauma.
    • Maintain a flat surface by gently stretching the skin in small areas at all times to maximize ink deposit and minimize skin trauma.
    • Wipe the tip of the needle frequently to remove the buildup of ink.
    • During tattooing, clean the needle cartridge in sterile water to remove buildup and when changing colours, similar to when you are painting.
    • Dispose into a sharps container after use — never reuse a needle once you complete a procedure.


    • Unique tip to reduce pigment pooling and increase stability & precision
    • 304 surgical-grade stainless steel
    • 0.25mm, 0.30mm, and 0.35mm needles
    • Long taper (6mm) needles
    • EO gas sterilized
    • Disposable
    • Full safety membrane

    Universal cartridge design is compatible with all rotary machines but not compatible with PMU digital machines/devices.

    Compatible with the following rotary machines: Artyst, Axys Vahalla, Cheyenne, Xion, Xion S, Bellar, Brow Daddy Cleo, Valkyre, Bishop, Rook Quill, Mast Tour, Mast Tour Y22, Perma Pen, Omnia, Flux, Mast Magi, Dragonhawk, and more.

    Not compatible with the following PMU machines/devices: Nouveau Contour, Amiea, Golden Eye, Biotek, Bomtech, Meicha, Purebeau, Artmex, PhiBrows, Charme, Biomaser, Infinity, Slay Bae, Giant Sun, and more.

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