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Face Mask Mixing Bowl

  • Our face mask tool set come with 1 face mask mixing bowl, 1 stick spatula, 1 silicon face mask brush, 1 soft bristle mask brush and 1 measuring cup. This 5-in-1 face mask mixing tool set can elevate the entire experience of applying the face mask.

  • Bristle face mask brush keeps your face and hands clean, and wastes less of your pricey clay mask, also can make the whole process of face mask treatment cleaner and more luxurious-feeling. The biggest benefit of the silicone face mask brush is that it gives a thin, even application and doesn’t soak up any product, so you can get better coverage with less.

  • The face mask mixing bowl is exactly the right stiffness to allow for some flex as you mix with the spatula. Made from thick soft silicone, the face mask mixing bowl is lightweight, very stable and flexible, easy to clean and quick dry, durable and reusable.

  • The stick spatula is great for applying skin care products. The measuring cup can help you take out the right amount of mask power and water. Compact and travel size, this facemask mixing tool set fits perfectly in your makeup bag or cabinet.

  • Use the measuring cup to take out the right amount of mask power and water. Then quickly stir evenly with the stick spatula. Use the face mask brush to spread a thin, even layer across your face. After 15-20 minutes wash with warm water. After use, wash the face mask mixing bowl kit with warm water, and add a gentle cleanser if needed.

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