Black Bond for DIY Lash Extension


Black Bond for DIY Lash Extension

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Introducing BLACK BOND, your go-to solution for stunning DIY Lash Extensions! Tailored just for your collection, this premium adhesive doesn't just ensure a robust grip - it takes your natural lashes to the next level. Imagine a dynamic, mascara-esque effect that transforms your lashes into bold beauty statements. With BLACK BOND, expect eye-catching results that not only impress but persist all day.

  • For optimal results, curl your natural lashes for 5-10 seconds before application, particularly if you prefer a D curl.
  • Gently brush our BLACK BOND formula onto your natural lashes, focusing on the base near the root. Wait for 30-60 seconds, allowing the adhesive to become tacky.
  • Using the applicator tweezer, carefully pick up a single lash cluster and position it 1-2mm below your natural lashes without touching the eyelid.
  • Apply LASH SEAL only to the areas where BLACK BOND has been applied, securing the lashes in place and removing any sticky residue.
Pro-tip: For enhanced adhesion, apply a small amount of glue to the root of the segment lash before apply them on your natural lashes.

How to Remove:
1. Close your eye tightly to ensure there is no liquid can leak into your eye.
2. Brush Our REMOVER onto your lashes with the micro-mascara applicator 2-3 times from the root to end.
3. Wait 30 seconds, then gently wipe away the DIY Lash Extension Clusters with a cotton pad.
4. Keep repeating this process until you've removed all the lash clusters and any left-over lash glue.

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