How long do eyelash extensions last?

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Did you know that eyelash extension can last up to 6-8 weeks? Yes, it’s true! It all depends on the application process. It is a semi-permanent technique allowing you to enjoy the luxuries of beautiful lash extensions and not have to wear makeup or get up early in the morning!

how long eyelashes extensions last

In order to get to that point, it will require some time from you, the lash artist, and some caution from the client! 

In order to have great retention, make sure to educate your client first. The best moment to do that is either during the consultation before starting their eyelash extensions application or once their set is done. Educating your client on lash refills and the lash-shedding cycle is one of the key factors to great retention. 

On average, a person can lose anywhere from  1 to 5 natural eyelashes per day which is totally normal. A human naturally loses its lashes, and it is called ‘’shedding’.

Other than the natural shedding process, a client could lose more lashes if they aren’t careful with their eyelashes. Here is what you should explain to them so they are aware and careful with their set which will have them last longer. 

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What helps eyelash extensions long lasting

how long eyelashes extensions last

Wash lashes daily with lash shampoo

It is important to explain to your clients about lash hygiene. You need to make sure your clients understand why it is important to keep their lashes clean when they are at home. Some oil residue and dirt can accumulate on their lash line which will weaken the bond made by the lash adhesive between the natural eyelashes and the eyelash extensions. Not having clean eyelashes can also cause lash mites to grow all along the lash line and cause infections or eye diseases. Show your clients how to properly clean their lashes with a lash shampoo and a brush to make sure that this situation does not happen. 

how long eyelashes extensions last

At LLBA Professional, we have different kinds of lash shampoos formulated specifically by lash technicians with years of experience. You can stock some in inventory in order to sell those to your clients. You’ll then be able to make some money from it, and make sure their lashes last and are still great when they come back for a lash infill. 

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Avoid oil-based makeup

Did you know that natural oils can cause poor retention? Indeed! The natural oils around the lash line can break the bond of the lash adhesive between the natural eyelash and the eyelash extension. 

If the natural oils can break the bond, so can products that have oil in it, such as cleansers, creams, or oil-based makeup as well. It is important to read the labels on all products that go around your face and eye area. 

Take some time to explain to your clients that some makeup remover can cause poor lash retention and suggest water-soluble or non-oil-based products as substitutes, or simply to get a lash shampoo in order to clean their lash line of all makeup residues. 

Avoid eye rubbing

lashes how long does it last

Eye rubbing will probably be one of the first reasons why eyelash extensions aren’t lasting. Let your clients know that they shouldn’t touch their eyelash extensions or rub them. If their eyes are itchy, they can consider using eye drops. Another solution is to use a wet cloth and wipe their eyes while being careful with their lashes.

Avoid heat

Another thing that can be an eyelash extension enemy and ruin the lashes is to expose the lashes to hot or humid conditions. If the lashes get closer to warm, it could damage the eyelash extensions, as they are made of PBT. So make sure to tell your clients to be careful when they are cooking since they could be close to an oven or BBQ, also to be careful when they get their hair done with a blow dryer or hair straightener. This can result in lashes fusing to the natural eyelash and they might end up looking clumpy. 

Avoid mascara

lashes how long does it last

This is probably the enemy number one to eyelash extensions ! It is not recommended at all to use mascara on eyelash extensions. If the client still insists on using mascara, you can suggest they use one compatible with eyelash extensions, but there would be absolutely no point in spending to have eyelash extensions. Using mascara can cause extensions to clump together and that can cause lashes to shed earlier while brushing them. A well-done set of eyelash extensions should not need mascara! 

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We all know how sunscreen is important in our daily lives and how it can protect the skin… but you will also need to explain to your clients that they have to be careful when applying this on their face.  If they aren’t careful, it could affect their retention. Make sure to tell them to be careful when applying sunscreen and also, to avoid spray-on sunscreen. Using a spray sunscreen could get on their eyelash extensions and ruin their eyelash retention.

Sleep posture

lashes how long does it last

Yes, you read that right! Have you ever had a client who told you that they woke up with lashes on their pillow? That could happen! 

Sleeping the wrong way can also be a cause of some retention issues! Educate your clients about this. Let them know that sleeping on their side could result in more lash loss on one side. Friction between their eyes and their pillow is what causes that. Eyelashes fall when they are rubbed against something, which is the pillow in our case. 

Another solution is to suggest they use a satin pillowcase, which is a very soft material that can help. They are so soft that there can be less friction when sleeping on one. 

Silk eye masks are another solution for people who love to sleep on their sides. This will also avoid their eyes rubbing on rough material. 

Have some in stock for retail. That way, if they prefer getting an eye mask, they can purchase it directly from you.

To avoid unhappy customers, make sure to let them know of all these retention killers so that everyone is satisfied and has the best eyelash extensions retention!

So how long will the lash extensions last if applied correctly and maintained correctly? It can last around a month, but there will be many factors that need to be considered!

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