How long do classic or individual lashes last?

As you have probably heard or seen, nowadays, there is a new trend called ‘’eyelash extension’’. Eyelashes are a very popular trend that people love. It is a time saver in the morning since people don’t feel the need to take time to apply makeup or do anything around their eyes. 

What are classic lashes?

individual lashes how long do they last

Individual, or also called classic eyelashes, is a technique used in order to provide this service. It is called ‘’individual lashes’’ because the lash technician applies one individual classic lash extension to one individual natural eyelash. Those lashes are perfect as an everyday routine. 

This service is usually achieved by a certified lash technician who masters the art of isolation and application. 

The popular diameters used to achieve this look are 0.15 mm & 0.18 mm. The popular lengths used to achieve this type of eyelash extension are from 8 mm to 12 mm. The popular curls used to achieve classic lashes are C, CC, and D curls. 

Have you heard of flat lashes? Recently, flat lashes became very popular. Flat lashes are lash extensions for classic sets which have a wider base giving the impression of having thicker lashes. This is great for clients who want a more full look, but don’t want the dramatic volume fans. Regular classic eyelash extensions have a round base which provides a more natural look. 

Popular flat lashes diameters are 0.15 mm because they give the impression of using 0.18 regular lashes, and flat lashes of 0.18 mm diameters give the impression of having used 0.20 mm regular lashes. 

Flat lashes are a game-changer for those who want to give a thicker look to their clients but still offer classic lashes. Not all companies offer different diameters and curls when it comes to flat lashes, but make sure to visit LLBA Professional’s website. They offer different curls, diameters, and lengths, which is great and perfect for those who want to offer a big variety to their clients. 

Any mapping can be done with classic lashes, from doll eyes to cat eyes to open eyes, etc as it all depends on your client’s natural eye shape and facial features. Make sure to visit our other articles about “eye shape”! 

Like any lash set, it is important for a lash artist to choose the right eyelash extensions to provide the best service possible. 

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How long do classic or individual lashes last? 

individual lashes how long do they last

They are semi-permanent and last anywhere between  4-6 weeks when applied correctly. Clients will usually need to come back to you to get a refill around 2 to 3 weeks after their first appointment. This will ensure their lashes remain fresh and good-looking but keep in mind that their maintenance is also a key to successful retention. 

Tips for long-lasting classic or individual lashes 

individual lashes last how long

We made a list of a few tips just to help you so you just follow these best practices: 

FRESH GLUE: Make sure to use fresh glue, avoid letting glue sit, and refresh it 3 times per hour at least! 

Number 2 ENVIRONMENT: Use the proper glue for your environment. Temperature and humidity can change with the different seasons. At LLBA we suggest using Speedy in a cold and dry environment. Having a hygrometer is good to make sure your temperature and humidity is staying at an optimal range for your glue to work perfectly. Speedy is a fast-drying glue that usually dries in 0.5-1s. In a hot and humid environment, at LLBA we recommend La Magnétique, a slower drying glue. A lot of beginner lash artists don’t know about this when starting out, but once you figure it out, your work will be seamless. 

individual eyelashes how long do last

Number 3: LASH PREP ROUTINE: We cannot put enough emphasis on this key point.. This can make or break your lash set. You should always clean your client’s lashes. It is recommended to wash your client’s lash with a proper lash cleanser and rinse them with saline solution. 

how long do classic lashes last

Number 4: AFTERCARE: Teaching your client how to take care of their lashes will be good for you and them. The sets will last much longer, clients will be satisfied and come back with fuller lashes. You can distribute your own lash aftercare kit to your clients. LLBA Profesional has individual lash baths that you can retail to your clients!


Let your clients know they should avoid products with oil because they affect bonding. Try not to use these products and be mindful of what’s in any products you put on your face and around your eyes. Otherwise, they can have a silk pillowcase or a silk eye mask to avoid sleeping on their face. 

So how long will classic lashes extensions last? They will be great for 2-3 weeks before needing an infill. But don’t forget to follow our suggestions! These steps will help have proper retention for classic lashes. Happy clients, happy life!

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