Guide for choosing premade volume fans

Let’s take the chance to look at many of the best premade volume fans—how to choose between them and what things are important to know both prior and during applications!

Eyelash extension premade volume fans are one of the two main types of volume lash extensions. These are different from other styles of lash extensions in that each fan is made of several lashes joined together.

The two main types of volume lash extensions are related to how we make them: handmade or premade. While you’ll need to make handmade fans yourself, premade fans are manufactured by a supplier beforehand and then sent to lash artists. 

There are many styles of premade fans, each of them varying in size and length. In order to determine what the best premade volume lash fans are, we must first go over all the available styles and their uses.

How many kinds of premade volume fans are available?

Premade volume fans range from 2D to 16D volume fans—and sometimes even more. The number indicates the amount of lashes used in a fan, while the D refers to how dimensional the extension is.

The reason that there are so many premade volume fans available is that we need a wide variety of options to satisfy even the most specific client requests. 

For example, if you want a very natural look, 2D or 3D short stem premade lashes are very suitable. On the other hand, 4D, 5D and 6D lashes are great choices if you’re looking for more drama and flair, with fluffier volume lashes. 

Long-stem 3D and 5D fans are more special and can be great choices if you want an eyeliner effect for your volume lashes. Usually in order to create the eyeliner effect, it can take a while, but with premade fans it’s possible to do it in less than two hours.

There’s also one very dramatic look that is widely desired! For this purpose, you need 10D-16D lashes, or even up to 20D for a super thick lash look. 

Why should you choose premade fans?

Doubtlessly the greatest benefit for premade fans is the time saved. All lash artists know how painstaking it can be to create a volume fan, and how time-consuming the entire process is. Handmade fans are nice sometimes and great at others, especially if you’re a really good lash technician, but because of this, the process can be somewhat uneven. 

Premade fans provide something more consistent and much more efficient. By using premade fans, you’re able to fit more clients into your schedule, thereby increasing the work you’re able to do as well making more financially. 

The process of applying premade fans is also relatively easy. The best premade volume lash fans require you to only learn the basic lash extension techniques. It’s not necessary to know how to make fans just to apply premade ones successfully.

Premade fans also need only low maintenance as they keep their shape quite well for an extended period of time. Additionally, they’re quite easy to attach!

What to look for when it comes to premade volume fans?

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to premade volume fans and their applications. We will first talk about how to best apply them.

First thing first—as soon as the premade fans tray is ready, use tweezers to pick up the first one. Try your best to be careful about this procedure, as sometimes you can break the fans by picking them up incorrectly.

After that, dip the base or the fan’s narrow end into lash glue, very gently. When it feels sufficient, promptly attach the glue covered fan onto one single natural lash of the client. 

The other thing to note is how premade volume fans feel from the client’s perspective. Do they feel heavy? Communicate with your client every step of the way, in order to create an excellent product. 

We must also take into consideration the client’s own wishes and their eye shapes, as well as their existing natural lashes. You should choose lash fibers that go well with the client’s natural lashes; for example, if the natural lashes are light, so too should the lash fibers you decide to use.

If there are relatively wide gaps between the client’s natural lashes, use fans with more volume. If what they want is a more natural look, 2D and 3D lashes are quite great for the purpose.

Diameters are also something to consider, but this is a lot more dependent on the context and your own expert eyes. Lash diameters usually range from 0.03 to 0.10mm and more. Fiber lengths and curl types are aspects that you need to take a serious look at when applying premade volume lashes as well!

Essentially speaking, the best eyelash extension premade volume fans are not easily chosen, but rather they vary from situation to situation. Remember that the client is the top priority, and what we’re doing is helping to create a look that’s most suitable for them and their wishes. So the best premade volume fans will be those that satisfy your clients the most—and ones that you feel will best compliment the clients’ looks.


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