Are Brown Eyelash Extensions Really Worth the Hype?

Brown eyelash extensions have taken the beauty industry by storm and become a 2024 trendy choice, with sets ranging from ombre lashes to natural lashes. This trend stays here as clients increasingly opt for simpler lash sets that enhance their natural beauty.

Why are Brown Lashes so Famous Right Now?

Gradually, people prefer natural looks over visibly enhanced ones, like using natural lashes, smaller, soft-coloured nails, clothes in white tones, and less makeup. The new trend this year is to be effortlessly beautiful.

Brown lashes fit right into this trend, providing a soft, natural finish that works well for classic, hybrid, or volume sets. This versatility makes them a top choice among clients seeking a more effortless beauty routine but still wanting the benefits lash extensions bring - such as not applying mascara and always looking put together.

Is it Suitable for All Clients?

While brown lashes can complement most clients, they tend to work best for those with brown, red, or blonde hair. That happens because they have lighter natural lashes that blend well with the brown fans.

Natural Brown Lashes

Brown lash extensions are a perfect match for clients with brown hair, seamlessly blending to create a natural and harmonious look. Unlike black lashes, which can sometimes appear too fake against brown hair, brown extensions offer a softer aesthetic, adding warmth and subtle definition to the eyes without overpowering natural features.

Natural Red Lashes

Brown lash extensions are also an excellent choice for ginger, red-haired clients, offering a complementary and natural look that enhances their unique features. Similar to how brown lashes blend seamlessly with brown hair, they harmonise effortlessly with red hair, providing a softer and more balanced aesthetic compared to black lashes. The warmth of brown extensions complements the rich tones present in red hair, adding subtle definition to the eyes without overwhelming their natural beauty.

Natural Blonde Lashes

Brown lash extensions offer a soft and natural alternative for clients with blonde hair, softly enhancing their lashes. In contrast to black lashes, which may create a very bold contrast against blonde hair, brown extensions seamlessly blend to provide a subtle and harmonious final look. The warmth of brown lashes adds depth and dimension to the eyes, bringing their natural beauty without overshadowing the lighter hair tones.

Natural Black Lashes

Although brown lashes look better on light hair shades, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them for your black-haired clients. They allow lash artists the flexibility to customise the set to suit individual preferences and eye shapes. For example, if your clients don’t have lighter hair colours but still want natural lashes, there’s no reason to panic. You can opt for an ombre effect, blending brown and black fans for a softer final look.

Choosing the Right Product is Key

Selecting the right lash product is crucial to achieving the desired look. Lash artists should find a supplier that caters to their needs, offering handmade or premade fans, YY or narrow fans, and classic or mega-volume sets. Testing products is essential to ensure the final result meets expectations. 

One thing you can’t forget when applying brown lashes is that an invisible formula adhesive is a must-have. Black liquid adhesives can leave a visible residue on coloured lashes, compromising the natural look.

So, is it really worth the hype?

Brown eyelash extensions are indeed worth the hype!  Brown eyelash extensions offer a natural, effortless look that complements any eye shape or hair colour. By staying informed about current trends, understanding client preferences, and making informed product choices, lash artists can provide clients with a beautiful, customised look that enhances their natural beauty. Embrace the brown lash trend and give your clients the easy, natural look they desire!

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