Do you know how to always satisfy your clients

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An eyelash extension session requires a lot of preparation, especially when you are new. The last thing you want is to provide your clients an ill-prepared procedure. A good prep will help you save time and effort afterwards. In this e-newsletter, we will share some tips to help you get ahead of the game!

1. Have a good welcome ritual

First and foremost, completing the “Client Intake & Consent’’ form before the procedure is a must. It is imperative that you have your client’s provide any pre-existing conditions such as: illnesses, injuries, medications, allergies, and hormone imbalances or fluctuations.

Signing the ‘’Consent for Eyelash Procedure Form’’ indicates that you acknowledge awareness of any risks involved, waive all liability, and permit the use of any pictures taken before, during, and after the procedure.

2. Clean the lashes

Although many clients will avoid wearing eye makeup to their eyelash appointment, it is a must for you to clean their eye area ! This step can be time-consuming and can take away from the application process, so using a high quality lash cleanser will save you the effort.

Our recommendations would be Prolong Cleanser, Foam Lash Bath, and Lash Bath for Dark Matter. 

Do you know how to always satisfy your clients

3. Provide a relaxing session 

Soothing music

Prepare a list of relaxing music playlist to play while the lashes are being applied. Although many clients fall asleep during the procedure, music can help enhance the ambiance for you.

Lip mask

Take a lash nap! Do we have clients who can't take a hint? Offer them a collagen lip mask which moisturizes and plumps lips while keeping their mouth sealed. Apply for 30 minutes and remove.

4. Client after-care

It is crucial that your clients know how to take care of their new lashes at home. This will make them happier with your work. Show them how to comb and wash their lashes. Our Bubble gum brush wand is a little cute item you can just put in our clients’ aftercare bag. And if they wear makeup, a lash bath or lash cleanser is a perfect choice for all skin types including dry and sensitive skin.

Following these tips will help you provide a comfortable lash experience for your clients and make them come back for more.


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  • Joeline

    This is so true ! And so helpful. Thank you for always showing that you care about us as professionals in the beauty industry by giving tips and tricks. Very insightful for people trying to troubleshoot their methods and what not.

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