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Volume Training Manual (PDF)

Whats Included?
1 x Training Manual - PDF - Instant download, read on any device or print out

What are eyelashes?
Eye infections, sanitization, and disinfections
Consent and discharge forms
What are lash extensions made of?
Knowing about the adhesive property
Allergies, Patch Tests, Sensitivities
Eyelash extension glues vs strip lash glues
Medical-grade vs Non-medical graded adhesives
Adhesive Environment
Lash Porosity
Seasonal Changes: shedding seasons
How to apply lash extensions?
Illnesses and medications that can cause lash retentions issue
Choose the right lash mapping, curls, and diameters
Volume lash curls
M curl and L curl
Size & Weights of volume fans (2D to 8D)Lash Placement
How diameter affects weight?
How to choose the right diameter?
Apply the Extensions
Chemical Burn
Taping tips and tricks
Choose the right lash mapping / styles
Layering and Texturizing
Fan width
Hybrid lashes
How to make a volume fan?
Lash wrapping
How to do infills?
Aftercare Instruction.
Lash removal: Banana Peel technique
Lash removal: Full remover with Cream Remover
Start a lash business: Pricing
Lashing from a beauty salon
Lashing at client’s home (Mobile)
Find an insurance company
Business Marketing Tips

Are you a student? This training manual will teach you all the theory taught in class, minus the practical. Need help deciding whether to invest in a higher priced course as you are unsure whether it is for you? These manuals are an excellent investment for any student or even as a post-training reference guide!


Are you on the way to revamping your knowledge and wishing to update your technique?

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Complete your practical classes with a pre-written theory training manual!

Up-to-date and most recent practices included. This an excellent tool for any professional estheticians looking to expand their brand and share what they have learned with others!

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