BrowXenna® Brow henna Cosmetic talc for sensitive skin

SKU: BXCosmeticTalc
BrowXenna® Brow henna Cosmetic talc for sensitive skin

BrowXenna® Brow henna Cosmetic talc for sensitive skin

SKU: BXCosmeticTalc

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Protect your skin and achieve the perfect wax with BrowXenna® Talcum Powder. Our antibacterial formula dries wet skin and provides maximum hair grip for professional results every time.

BrowXenna®️ talcum powder for sensitive skin with an antibacterial effect is specifically designed for professional eyebrow waxing. Talc instantly dries wet skin and absorbs excess fat, allowing the wax to remove even the shortest and thinnest downy hairs. It protects sensitive skin from contact with the wax and makes the wax firmly grip the hair.

BrowXenna®️ talcum powder perfectly complements BrowXenna®️ pre-waxing oil, providing double skin protection and maximum hair grip.

BrowXenna®️ talcum powder:

  • It dries up the skin and absorbs excess moisture and skin sebum.
  • It lifts the hair making them more visible to the brow artist.
  • It provides a stronger grip of the wax with the hair
  • Covering the hair reduces the adhesion of the wax to the skin.
  • Protects sensitive skin from damage during waxing.
  • Provides an antibacterial effect.
  • An indispensable product for wax depilation in summer and hot climates, when the skin is most susceptible to damage, disruptions, and post-peel injuries.
  • Fragrance-free.

How to use:

Clean the skin in the eyebrow area with BrowXenna®️Pre-waxing Lotion. If necessary, apply some BrowXenna®️Pre-waxing Oil and remove excess oil from the skin with a paper napkin. Apply some Talc on the skin and eyebrow hair. Start hair removal with wax.


Talc, Triclosan.

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