Why is LLBA Professional the best professional eyelash extensions brand?

If you’re looking for a reliable eyelash extension supplier for your lashing business, LLBA Professional is proud to be your partner. Here are some reasons why we are the best professional eyelash extension brand for you.

We sell a wide range of products

Have you ever dreamt of being able to find everything you need at the same store? Well,  you are in luck! LLBA Professional is your “go-to” lash store that has everything you’ll need to start up your lash business. From lash extensions,  lash and brow lifts services., lash room accessories and so much more!

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We offer high-quality products

LLBA Professional was created by a lash artist who knew exactly what was needed in the lash industry to take it to the next level. With the help of other lash artists, we look for the highest quality supplies available on the market. Our mission is to help lash professionals maximize their products by delivering high-quality crafted lashes.

All the products available in the store are chosen carefully and tested many times before it launches so that everyone can have access to amazing products with the utmost superior quality.

LLBA also takes the time to value their client’s opinions, in order to improve, innovate and bring out the best quality products on the market.

We offer fast shipping

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They know how important it is to have the right materials at the right time.

This is why LLBA works hard in order to be able to ship all of the orders on the same day. Most orders will take from 2 to 5 days to be delivered, worldwide!

After so many years, LLBA Professional worked hard with shipping companies in order to offer affordable shipping fees of $9.95. We value our customers and appreciate that they entrust us with their lash purchases.

Not only do they have their own website but they also recently joined Amazon, which allows everyone to get their order fast if they are subscribed to Amazon Prime. Check out their products here on Amazon

We offer reasonable prices

The products you see on LLBA’s website are set at the best prices possible for you to make the most profit, as a lash artist. We know that it can become costly when starting up your business so we try to make sure we have you all in mind when we create our price points!

All the lashes you see on their website are the darkest lashes on the market. They are soft, dark, and give amazing results, which is why your clients will love them! We also provide the Lash now, Pay later program, which is suitable for new lash techs.

All the adhesives on the website are medical-grade, which means it is the highest quality of cyanoacrylate, the main ingredient in lash glue. This means it will be less likely to cause any allergies for your client.

All the other products are tested by real lash artists who have a wealth of knowledge in the lashing field.  They work hard in order to bring you the best products so you can provide superior services to your clients. They know what lash artists are looking for and what they need to run a successful business.

Professional customer services

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Whatever you need help with: i.e., any inquiry about your order, their products, some technical advice needed in order to improve your work, their customer service is available, 7/7 days a week, from 9 am until 6 pm. We care about our customers and what to genuinely help them succeed.

Their Facebook and Instagram pages also provide a lot of educational information that will help you through your journey as a lash artist. They also have built a community with many experienced lash artists on Facebook. Feel free to join their Facebook page in order to seek advice from lash artists coming from every corner of the world. There may be some questions you might have as a beginner or as a lash artist in general, that can be answered or has already been answered. Scroll through their Facebook page to see what other lash artists around the world have to say! You may even help out a fellow tech too with your knowledge!

Wholesale programs

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Do you love discounts? LLBA Professional has discounts offered to people who buy in bulk, from $500. The more you buy, the more discounts you get, and all the orders in bulk also get free shipping on their orders. Check out their program here!

Also, if you subscribe to their newsletter, you’ll receive exclusive deals and promos every week! Check it out.

In conclusion, there are tons of good lash suppliers in the world, and LLBA Professional is one of the best brands! You’ll find everything that you need on their website, and you’ll get all the supplies you need to run your business fast and easily. Make sure to visit their website or their store located in Mississauga, Ontario! They will surely be able to help you with everything you need to run your business efficiently!

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