Which Promade Fans Best Suit Your Style

Promade fans are your bestfriend when it comes to lashing! They are incredibly flexible, time-saving and budget-friendly. 

With a big variety of promade lashes available presently, with different curls, styles and even amount of lashes in a fan, it’s crucial to know the difference between them and why they will be a perfect match for your client’s style.


But let's start from the beginning!

What’s the difference between Promade and Handmade Fans?

Handmade fans are created by the lash artist during the lashing process, they grab each individual lashes and dip them in adhesive to glue them together. Although this technique allows for better customization and more natural appearance, they’re more time consuming and require more experience.

On the other hand, Promade Fans, as the name suggests, they’re manufactured already as fans, with a light glue bonding in the bottom. In comparison to handmade fans, they’re easier to pick up and apply but the weight and thickness depends on how they were made.

What about LLBA Promade Fans?

Our promade lash extensions are designed to give your clients a majestic, sophisticated appearance with a dark matte finish that enhances their eyes.

Crafted from superb material, these promade fans boost retention to over 40% retention, ensuring your clients' lashes maintain the perfect curl for a longer time. That’s why they’re one of the best pomade lash fans if you are looking for a full, voluminous look without sacrificing your client’s comfort.


YY Promade Fans

Best promade lash fans for classic, hybrid, and light-volume sets.

These pomade fans are easy to apply and have the perfect balance between classic and volume lashes. They give you a fluffy, dark matte finish like volume lashes and a soft, light feel like classic lashes.


The reason for this amazing result is because our YY 2D lashes have two lashes per fan, making each fan a total of 4 lashes - which makes the sets look fuller and denser. You can get these incredibly flexible promade lash in mixed trays ranging from 9mm to 15mm and in C, CC, and D curls. 



W Promade Fans

Best promade lash fans for classic, hybrid, and light-volume sets.


If your client loves edge and volume sets, our W Promade Lash Extensions are the right choice. Just like our YY Promade Fans, they are the perfect mix between classic and volume lash extensions, but with a surprising twist: each promade fan features six single lashes bonded together, giving your clients a dark matte, fuller final look.


These promade eyelash extensions have a variety of lengths and curls from 8mm to 15mm, with C, CC, and D curl options, and 0.05 and 0.07 diameters to cater to all your styling needs.



Fairy Lashes

Best promade lash fans for hybrid and light volume sets.


Our ethereal Fairy Promade Lashes 3D are the ideal choice for a bold transformation without sacrificing comfort. It features a distinct spike between two single lashes which gives your client an elegant, lightweight finish.


These promade lash extensions come in mixed trays with lengths ranging from 8mm to 15mm and C, CC, and D curl options.




Know what suits your clients better


In terms of quality and finish, they’re very similar, but make sure to check their description to find one that best suits your lashing needs. At LLBA, we have a variety of Promade Lashes, with different styles, colours, lengths and curls and all their information are detailed on our website. And stay tuned for more education blogs from LLBA Professional for additional tips on eyelash extensions and more!

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