The best eyelashes for round eyes

Every client has a different eye shape. This is why it is important to customize each lash extension set for every individual that we take on as a client. We need to take some time to examine the client’s eye shape and their natural lashes to figure out which lash extension and lash curls would suit them the best. To make it simpler for you, we decided to make this article to better help you assess your client’s round eyes and which curl, length and mapping will best suit them. 

What are round eyes?

best eyelashes for round eyes

Round eyes are usually large, prominent, have a circular look, and appear bigger. They can appear bigger and brighter than other eye shapes. The ‘cat-eye’ look may be best suited for this type of client. Sometimes, if the eyelash mapping is not styled correctly, the client can look surprised…which is not something they probably wanted. For this type of eye, it is important to choose the right style of eyelash extensions. Longer lashes on the inner corner and reduce gradually the size of lashes as you go towards the center of the eye. This will give a very sexy and sultry appearance. For round-shaped eyes, a gentle curl will give a lighter look such as a B curl. 

What to consider when choosing lashes for round eyes?

The length of eyelash extensions

best lash style for round eyes

For this type of eye, it is very important to pick out the variety of lashes that will be used. This decision will make or break your client's look.  If you opt for the widely popular ‘cat-eye’ look, you will have to decide on an initial length for the outer corners of your client's eye and gradually decrease the length of the lashes which you will use. The most popular lengths are 8 to 13 mm, but make sure to choose lengths that are not more than 2 mm longer than their natural eyelashes. 

The curl of eyelash extensions

eyelash extensions for big round eyes

For this type of eye, the curl of the lash is very important. It is generally recommended to use a softer curl such as a B curl or a C curl for round eyes. It will easily blend to the shape of your client's eye. A stronger curl will give a bizarre expression on your client’s face. Another option is to use L curl. This curl will give an ‘’extreme’’ cat eye effect and it is great for people who have straight lashes. Their flat base will help with retention. 

The facial features

eyelashes for round eyes

Round eyes look more open than other types of eyes. You have to be careful which type of style you go for, it is widely known that round eyes are not suited for doe and open eye styling. This style will give your client a figure that is always in shock and you do not want your client to look like that as funny as it may be. 

Once the type of lashes is decided, make sure to use it properly with the mapping chosen. We suggest to all lash artists use a colored pen as a tool to help them map their client’s eyelashes. They can draw directly on the eye pads and divide the eyes sections to know where they’ll put each length, or they can directly make some dots on the client’s eyelids. This will ensure you’re putting the right lengths in the right spots to achieve the best look possible. 

Best eyelashes for round eyes

lash extensions for round eyes

For classic eyelash extensions, we suggest using SuperMink lashes for clients who want a natural look that will give them a slight change in their facial structure, but flat lashes can also be used as well if they have thin natural lashes or not a lot of natural lashes. 

For a volume set, we suggest using SuperMink lashes when it comes to hand-making your own fans. They are great to give a beautiful, black matte effect and they are also easy to work with. These lashes pick up off the strip and fan out like butter! 

If you haven’t mastered the volume technique yet or just having a hard time making fans make sure to check out LLBA Professional’s Promade fans! They are volume fans that are already made in advance which can help you achieve a successful volume set easily and more efficiently. They have a silk-finish, super dark, soft with the end resulting in a bold look for your client.  

lashes for round eyes

For both types of sets, we suggest purchasing a C curl or B curl to show the beautiful cat-eye. L curl can also be used as well. They are available in both products, for classic eyelashes, and for volume eyelashes. at LLBA Professional. 

The best eyelashes for round eyes will be the ones that will enhance the natural beauty of your client’s eyes with the products suggested earlier!

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