Setting up your eyelash extension studio

As you probably already know, lash artists can lash either from home, or from a salon. There are different rules and laws and it comes to that. Make sure to do some research in order to respect all the legal requirements that apply to your lash business in your province or state. 

Start by gathering all essential supplies

First of all, it is important to have in stock everything that is necessary when it comes to lashing. We made a list for you!

  • Lash extensions in at least two different curls, and two different thickness and have at least 8 mm to 14 mm lengths 
  • At least ten pairs of eye pads. It is best to have more than not enough since some eye pads can be defective as some aren’t sticky enough. 
  • A pack of lash wands. 
  • A pack of lash applicators. 
  • A pack of micro brushes.
  • A bottle of adhesive. Make sure to never use your adhesive over 4 weeks or it might affect your retention.
  • Medical tape. It is always useful to have medical tape in stock to help you with the rebellious bottom lashes. 
  • Lash shampoo to clean your clients lashes. 
  • Saline solution or distilled solution to rinse your clients lashes. 
  • At least 4 tweezers. As you probably know, we always use two tweezers, but always have an extra tweezer in case you drop your favorite one. Accidents can happen. 
  • A lash tile to display your lash strips in order to pull lash extensions from the strip.
Start by gathering all essential supplies

Those are the lash supplies required in order to offer lash services. There are a lot more supplies that can be useful, but we believe those are the essential ones that can not be neglected. Once you make some profit, you can invest in more accessories and supplies that will make your lash journey even better. We all start from somewhere ! 

Set up your lash room’s furnishings

Set up your lash room’s furnishings

It is important to have lash supplies in stock, but in order to lash, you need to have the right furnishings as well! Here are what we suggest you to have in your lash room in order to be professional and to have all the things you need. 

  • A lash bed (also called table massage) or a lash recliner. This is where your client is going to lay down, so that you can perform lash extensions on them. They both have their pros and cons. Take some time to do research and to ask other lash artists their preferences if it is your beginning in the lash field.
  • A lash pillow. You should have a lash pillow that is comfortable for your client, but also for you depending on your position when you lash and your heights. The most popular pillows are the ergonomic pillows or travel pillows.
Lash room’s furnishings

Good lighting. A good lamp is very important for your health since bad lightning can worsen your vision, and your work won’t be as efficient if you don’t see well while lashing. We suggest you get this one as it has two lamps and luminosity can be adjusted. 

Led standing light for professional salon

Good lash chair. When it comes to the chair you sit on while lashing, we suggest you get a chair that can adjust its height. Depending on your client, you’ll sometimes need to adjust it to be higher. You can get a regular ergonomic hydraulic chair, or a desktop chair. We suggest you visit a local shop, so that you can try the chairs and see how it feels, because you will need something comfortable in order to perform lashing all day long. 

Don’t underestimate the importance of furnishings and decor. A beautiful and comfortable environment will leave a lasting impression on your clients and good customer experiences means more returning customers wanting a pleasant, relaxing lashing experience!

Invest in high-quality eyelash extensions

Starting your lash journey isn’t always easy as there are a lot of investments to make and a lot of spendings. You might want to cut on some things in order to save a little bit, but we suggest you to cut on anything, but not on your lash extensions. 

High quality eyelash extensions are important because it will show your work. The quality of eyelash includes: the color of the lash, the thickness, the material, the curl. There will always be less expensive lashes, but be aware that most of the time, less expensive lashes come at the expense of quality. Some lashes will lose their curls very fast, some won’t be dark enough and others will give you a plastic look. This is why it is important to take the time to do some research in order to choose the right lash supplier, so you can offer the best to your clients. 

So here’s a few basic things to start off with to own the most suitable eyelash extension studio. When you’ve done with all of these, you’re ready to run your own business. Hopefully this article will help you take the first steps on living your dream job! 

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