LLBA Products for a Perfect Set of Classic Lash Extensions

A set of classic lash extensions is a natural, effortless way to add length and volume to your client’s lashes. Applying individual synthetic lashes to your existing lashes one by one can give your lashes a lush, voluminous look that brightens up one’s eyes! 

With LLBA Products, you can rest assured that you’ll treat your client’s lashes to only the best products on the market. Our products look natural, elegant and deliver long-lasting results!

The best part? No more worrying about mascara again!

LLBA Flat Lashes

LLBA Flat Lashes

If your client is looking for a way to add flair to their look, LLBA flat lashes offer just what they need. You can choose from different lengths and widths to find precisely what fits their requirements.

For individuals with thinner lashes, regular lash extensions can be a little tricky to work with. They have a flat base and taper off at the end to provide a more prominent appearance, especially with the stunning rich black matte finish. This set of flat lash extensions is easy to apply and helps create the illusion of a denser look!

LLBA Velvet Super Mink

LLBA Velvet Super Mink

The Velvet Super Mink is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add extra glamor to their lashes. They’re vegan and certified cruelty-free. Plus, the ultra-thin fibers create a beautiful, natural set of lashes while being incredibly lightweight.

The Velvet Super Minks are far darker than ordinary lashes and have a matte black finish. Most people claim they feel identical to their lashes since they are light and delicate. They have a soft, smooth texture that’s similar to genuine fur. These velvet mink lashes are water-resistant and typically stay longer than other lashes. 

Most importantly, they offer all the advantages of natural mink without any cruelty and for a fraction of the price!

LLBA Signature Glues

LLBA Signature Glues for classic eyelashes are great for getting extensions to adhere properly to your client’s lashes. With our wide range of signature glues, you’ll be able to find the perfect glue for your needs!

LLBA Signature Glues

1. Hypoallergenic Hook-Up Signature Adhesive

Featuring a medium-thin viscosity and strong retention, this glue is great for a wide range of humidity from 30% to 70%. It has a fruity scent that also helps make the application process pleasant. It’s also latex-free, formaldehyde-free, and oil-resistant! 

2. La Magnétique

La Magnétique is a magnetic adhesive that works for 40%-70% humidity and is most effective at temperatures between 18℃ and 23℃. The automatic pull it creates toward the lashes makes it very easy to work with. It also retains its hold for up to 4 weeks. The formula is medical grade, latex-free, and optimal in high-humidity weather.

3. Hypoallergenic Speedy Adhesive

Having a hypoallergenic adhesive can make the process of attaching classic lashes easy and convenient. The viscosity of this adhesive is thin, and it has a quick-drying formula that only takes 1-2 seconds to dry. It works well in 30%-40% humidity and at 18-22 ℃, making it an excellent adhesive for people who like to work fast!

4. Hypoallergenic Babylon Adhesive

If you’re looking for an adhesive that will keep extensions looking their best in humid weather, the Babylon Adhesive is what you want. It’s a medium viscosity adhesive that dries in 1-2 seconds, making it great for easy application. It’s ideal to use this adhesive at a room temperature of 22-27℃ and 45%-70% humidity. 

5. Hypoallergenic Perfect Clear Adhesive

This pigment-free adhesive is perfect for colored lashes. It has a medium viscosity, a clear finish, and a firm grip that performs effectively in 30%-70% humidity. It sets in only a few seconds and has a retention time of up to six weeks. Additionally, this adhesive is oil-resistant, formaldehyde-free, and latex-free.

LLBA Nano Bonder

Our LLBA Nano Bonder is a vegan bonder that will give your adhesives greater elasticity and retention without sacrificing durability!

Nano Bonder is a bonding agent that seals the glue without shock curing, and it works with most LLBA adhesives.

LLBA Nano Bonder

LLBA Prime It Up!

The first step of lash extensions is ensuring your client’s natural lashes are clean — the LLBA Prime It Up does just that! This adhesive primer cleans natural lashes by eliminating oils, proteins, and makeup residue. It slightly lengthens the cure time while strengthening the adhesion of extensions. The primer is also antibacterial, vegan, and cruelty-free. 

LLBA Prime It Up!

LLBA Coating Sealant

Our LLBA Coating Sealant helps increase the longevity of your client’s lashes. It will further defend against debris, oils, and substances that could weaken adhesives. And given how it extends your clients’ fill time, it’s bound to be a hit with your clients!

LLBA Coating Sealant

Expert Quality Lashes At Your Fingertips!

LLBA offers a diverse range of effective products of exceptional quality that will help your client get natural, elegant, and professional classic lash extensions. From different extensions to adhesives and primers, we have everything you need to deliver the perfect lash extension your client desires! 

If you’re looking for the best products and services in the industry, look no further than LLBA!

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