Let’s Explore Hybrid Lash Extensions

As someone who works with lashes, you're likely no stranger to the buzz surrounding hybrid lash extensions. They're a new addition to the world of eyelash extensions and they're gaining quite a bit of popularity. But what are hybrid eyelash extensions, exactly? Well, in this post we'll explore what they are, how they work, and all the advantages they bring to the table. 

What are Hybrid Lash Extensions?

Hybrid lash extensions are a combination of classic eyelash extensions and volume eyelash extensions. The classic lash extensions are applied one at a time to each individual natural lash, while volume lash extensions are made of lash fans that are applied to each natural lash (a fan is a combination of 2 or more thinner lashes). The combination of both creates the ‘hybrid’ effect. The concept behind hybrid lashes is to create a fuller and fluffier lash line that doesn’t look as dramatic as volume lashes but still provides more volume than classic lashes alone. In this sense, hybrid lash extensions are the perfect middle ground between the two. 

How Are Hybrid Lash Extensions Applied?

The process of applying hybrid lash extensions is similar to the process used to apply both classic and volume lash extensions. The lashes are applied one at a time using adhesive; the placement is determined by the natural lashes’ length and direction. To create the hybrid look, a mixture of classic and volume lashes are used throughout the lash line, with volume lashes used primarily in the center of the lash line and classic lashes used towards the inner and outer corners. Another popular way is to apply classic and volume lashes interleaved with each other. With hybrid extensions, you can creatively use the mix to achieve a fluffy but not too heavy look for your client.

The Benefits of Hybrid Lash Extensions

A lab technician applies hybrid lash extensions to the eyes of a customer.
Hybrid lash extensions offer a wide range of benefits. Here are a few of the top reasons why hybrid eyelash extensions are a great choice for your clients:

They Can Provide A More Natural Look

For some, hybrid lash extensions can provide a more subtle and natural look than volume lash extensions. While they offer more volume and fullness than classic lashes, they are not as dramatic as volume lashes. This natural and subtle look is perfect for clients who want to enhance their lashes but feel as though volume lashes are “too much”.

They Are Customizable

Hybrid lash extensions are completely customizable based on your client’s natural lash length and density. By using a combination of classic and volume lashes, you can help your clients create a look that is unique and to suit their desired style. 

They Are Longer-Lasting

Because hybrid lashes are a combination of both classic and volume lashes, they tend to have a longer lifespan than volume lashes alone. The classic lashes provide a more secure foundation for the volume lashes, which helps them to stay in place longer. With proper care, hybrid lashes can last up to six weeks while requiring less upkeep than volume lashes, which makes them a great investment for your clients. 

They Offer Full Coverage

One of the greatest benefits of hybrid lash extensions is that they can provide full coverage along the entire lash line. The combination of classic and volume lashes helps to fill in any sparse areas and create a more uniform look. This aspect of hybrid lash extensions can be particularly beneficial for clients who have sparse (or uneven) natural lashes.

They’re Relatively Low Maintenance

Like any lash extension, hybrid lash extensions do require some ongoing maintenance to keep them looking their best; however, they are less high maintenance than volume lashes. Hybrid lash extensions are not as heavy and dramatic as volume lashes; as such, they don’t need as much upkeep.

Hybrid lash extensions are an effective alternative to volume lashes and are also a great option for clients looking to enhance their lashes without feeling like they’re going too “over-the-top”. Hybrid lashes offer a natural yet full look that is customizable based on each client’s natural lashes. The combination of classic and volume lashes provides a longer-lasting and easier-to-maintain option for those who don’t want the high maintenance of volume lashes. With the many benefits of hybrid eyelash extensions, it’s easy to see why they are quickly becoming one of the most popular types of eyelash extensions used in the industry. Stay tuned for more education blogs from LLBA Professional for additional tips on eyelash extensions and more!

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