How To Remove Eyebrow Dye

The eyebrows are the most prominent and expressive feature of the face. Some people go to extreme lengths to achieve the perfect arched, thick eyebrows. But sometimes, the brows' natural shape and form don't work for you, and you need a little help. 

Eyebrow dye helps you get the perfect brows you want. It's easy to apply but can stain, so you need to be extra careful not to get it on the client’s skin. If the clients get stained or you accidentally get the dye on the fingers and hands, we’ll show you how to remove brow dye without scrubbing the skin for hours.

Let’s begin with how to lighten a brow dye that’s too dark.

Lighten Brow Dye That’s Too Dark

Lighten Brow Dye That’s Too Dark

If you've used a dye that’s too dark, don't panic! Here are a few ways you can fix it:

  • Try rubbing the skin underneath the eyebrows with an oil-based cleanser. Sometimes, the brow looks too dark after tinting may be because the skin underneath the eyebrow is stained.
  • Cleanse the area with eye makeup remover. Use a mild makeup remover to remove the excess dye on the eyebrows. Be careful not to rub the skin too much, as this can irritate the skin
  • Try a clarifying shampoo. When applying shampoo to the eyebrows, you need to be careful not to get it into the eyes since it can cause a burning sensation. To prevent shampoo from reaching the eyes, use a cotton pad or cotton swab to apply and rub the shampoo into the eyebrows. After letting it sit for a few minutes, wipe it off with a wet cotton pad.

Avoiding Dark Brow Dyes

You can ask professionals for help if you’re unsure of the desired dye colour. However, if you want to avoid dark eyebrows in the first place:

Choose the Right Tint Shade and Product

Using the right product can make a huge difference. When choosing the correct shade, you should also consider the formulation and the kind of product you're using to dye the eyebrows.

Choose the Right Tint Shade and Product

Drugstore products are usually okay, but you might not get professional results with cheap alternatives.

Drugstore Dyes

You can apply these semi-permanent dyes with a tiny brush or cotton applicator to the skin beneath the eyebrows, so the dye doesn't stain the forehead or go outside the brow lines.

Depending on the formulation, drugstore dyes usually last a few weeks, but they can be tricky. If you aren’t adept at working with dyes, you might end up with brows that look like you drew them on with a marker.

Professional Tints

Professional Tints

Professional tints are key to professional-looking brows. Tints like the Bronsun Brow and Lash Dye will last for weeks and leave brows with a natural tint that’s hard to recreate with drugstore brands.

How To Remove Brow Dye

If you're wondering how to get eyebrow dye off your skin, it's easy to do with the right products. You can use a brow tint remover to remove dye from the eyebrows, or you can use a makeup remover if you have one on hand. 

How To Remove Brow Dye

You can also try baby oil to help dissolve any residue. Finally, if you have a tint on for more than a day, you should consider going to the salon and having them remove it. 

Tinted brows can be harsh on the skin, so it's best to have professional help if you need it. If all else fails, there are many DIY methods to remove brow dye from the skin.

Physical Exfoliants

Physical exfoliants are an excellent second option if you don't have an eyebrow dye remover handy. Exfoliants like sugar scrubs or a wash towel can remove the dye. However, you'll need a lot of patience and elbow grease if you've left the dye sitting on the skin for too long. 

Furthermore, exfoliants can also cause redness and irritation to the skin if you aren’t too careful.

Clarifying Shampoos

Clarifying shampoos are another excellent option if you're looking for ways to get brow dye off. These products contain ingredients like salicylic acid, which help remove any dirt or oil from the skin, making dye cling to the skin. 

You can find these shampoos online, in drugstores, and in beauty supply stores.

Silicone-Based Cleansers

Another option to get brow dye off the skin is a silicone-based cleanser. These products contain ingredients like dimethicone that remove stains from the skin without drying it out. You can find them at any drugstore, beauty supply store, or online.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another option for how to get eyebrow dye off. You can apply it directly to the skin or make a paste first by mixing it with water.  Leave the mixture on for ten minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

Products for Professionals Use

Professionals can get eyebrow dye off the skin using particular products and techniques. Most salons can recommend specific products to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

One of the most popular products for dye removal is Bronsun Tint Remover which is specially formulated for professionals and at-home users.

Bronsun Removal Composition

The Bronsun Lash & Brow Dye can be used for long-lasting colour on the lashes and eyebrows. The colour lasts up to two weeks on the skin and retains colour for seven weeks in the hair follicles.

Bronsun Removal Composition

If you're struggling to remove the dye or if it has left stains on the skin, the Bronsun 'Hybrid' Removal Composition can remove dye from the skin and hair without damaging them. It is also suitable for use on many tints and dyes. The tint remover is sold in a convenient drip bottle, making it easy to apply.

Eyebrow Dye Job Gone Wrong? Don't Panic

If you find yourself with dye stains on the skin, don't panic. While they can be frustrating to remove, several options can help with how to remove eyebrow dye. The key is to find a product that works for you. 

Remember, it may take a few tries before you find the right one.

Before dyeing the brows, do a test patch on the skin. If everything looks okay, you can dye the eyebrows. Once you're done, gently use a cotton swab to wipe any mistakes away.

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