How to determine the right size and weight of lash extensions Volume

As a professional lash stylist, one of the essential parts of your job is to guide your clients concerning their lash extension options properly.

Lash artists need to be properly skilled in determining which style suits each client. The most crucial aspect to consider is the length and thickness of their natural lashes. Factors like eye shape, angle, face shape, and brow shape need to be considered. Different extensions are applied depending on whether the eyes are hooded, downturned, upturned, round, or almond-shaped.

When choosing the diameter for lash extensions, we need to consider the thickness of a client's natural lashes. As the diameter of the lash extension increases, so does its thickness. Therefore, it is crucial not to go overboard while choosing the diameter. The higher the diameter difference between the natural lashes and extensions, the more chances there are of breakage. Thus, it is vital for the extensions' durability and the safety of the natural lash line that stylists are cautious.

Choosing Lash Length

Choosing Lash Length

When choosing the length for eyelash extensions Volume, it is usually recommended that long lash extensions are safe to apply to clients with naturally long lashes. At the same time, it is safer for clients with short and sparse lashes to go with extensions that are shorter in length. 

One of the recommendations when determining a client's extensions is the 3mm rule. The 3mm rule states that it is best only to go 3mm length extra past the client's natural lash length to avoid the risk of breakage. It is also helpful to ask clients whether they are looking for more length or curl. Often they want the latter, and you can add shorter extensions with more curls.


Another important way to determine the right extension type for each specific client is mapping. This technique allows lash stylists to add varying lengths and amounts, creating the perfect luscious look with maximum density for each client. Mapping also gives more space to lash stylists to experiment and create customized looks that bring  out the best possible results.

Lash Fullness

When determining the lash look of your client, it is essential to ask whether they want a fuller look or one that accentuates their lash length. Adding longer lash extensions than  necessary will likely give them a sparser look while adding relatively shorter lashes along the natural lash line will give them a fuller look.

Choosing Curl Type

Choosing Curl Type

When choosing what curl to use on a client, it is essential to consider their own natural lash curl type. If they have downward-turned lashes, it is safer to start with B curls blended in with C curls. If your client has naturally curled-up lashes, it is recommended to start with C curls and add on D curls if they insist on a more dramatic look. 

The thickness and length of the client's natural lashes determine the extension weight you can use. Heavy extensions will eventually weigh down, break, and damage natural lashes. Your task is to pick the suitable weights and fan sizes for each natural lash so that natural lashes stay healthy and unharmed.

As previously said, when determining the weight of your eyelash extensions Volume, you should always consider the length and thickness of your client's natural lashes.

Choosing the correct Volume fan size

Choosing the correct Volume fan size

When establishing the size of eyelash extensions Volume, start by determining how much weight an individual extension can bear on your client's natural lash. To accomplish so, choose a diameter that matches or is thinner than the client's natural lash thickness. You'll be able to establish the weight and dimension of your Volume fans once you've determined the diameter of the Classic lash your client's natural lash can handle.

  • 0.10mm or 0.12mm Classic lash is suitable for clients with thin natural lashes
  • For healthy lashes, it is good to go for 0.15mm Classic lashes
  • For clients with strong lashes, it is safe to go up to 0.18mm Classic lashes

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