Everything you need to know about the lash extension tray

A brief history of the lash extension tray

It is challenging to pinpoint the precise year the first eyelash tray was introduced to the market. These products came in various sizes and curls and were packaged together in the same box. As a result, the technician would need to remove each lash from the box with extreme caution before setting it down on pads made of cotton or silicone. It takes a significant amount of time to practice, and even then, there is no assurance that the completed eyelashes will be of a certain quality. This is especially true for individuals who are new to eyelash extensions.

Due to the mentioned factors, eyelash extension trays are presently stacked orderly and categorized by each curl and size. What an outstanding innovation that all lash artists should utilize! Eyelash trays blended a variety of lashes to cut costs for lash artists. The fact that the lashes are still adequately ordered despite having a varied tray and that the product information is not distorted stands out as one of the notable features.

lash extension tray

Why are lash extensions made in a tray?

There are various responses to the many queries that have been asked. When selecting an eyelash extension tray, we narrowed the options to the finest ones.

The first advantage is that eyelash trays are "simple to organize." In today's market, eyelash trays often assemble lashes under various curls and sizes. In addition, they give precise requirements for technicians. As a result, you won't need to worry about getting your lashes mixed up anymore.

To maximize the effectiveness of the flashing time, you should see the lashes on the same tray being aligned horizontally, vertically, and at the appropriate angle. To pick up and get started with the lashing, all you need is a pair of tweezers. Compared to the lashes included in the box, it will save you one-half of the time.

In addition, since they are correctly arranged, all you have to do is read the lengths or curls and then utilize them without spending any time getting ready.

Easy on the wallet: a single tray may hold anything from 12 to 16 lines of eyelashes. In most cases, we would utilize one line for each client. The actual cost will vary according to the type of lash extension and the thickness of the lashes being extended. Eyelash artists may be more productive and get their job done more quickly with the help of lash trays, which are among the best packing options available. Because there are many lashes in a single tray, the wallet's price is more reasonable and manageable.


lash tray

Types of eyelash extensions in trays:

Classic lashes

Clients who desire a more natural appearance are the target audience for this line of products. There are several lash trays available, each with a unique curl. Some examples of these curls include C, CC, D, L, and M. Having 16 lines of lashes on the same tray will allow you to save the most money possible. In addition to this, you will have two options for single lengths ranging from 8mm to 17mm and mix lengths ranging from 7mm to 15mm. 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, and 0.20mm are the diameters available for traditional and hybrid designs. The eyelash product sold on our website is distinguished because it is crafted from high-quality FBT material that is ultra-smooth, velvety, and has a matte finish, just like natural lashes. This is one of its prominent characteristics.

In most cases, the price per tray falls around USD 18.00 and USD 22.00. You will receive discounts ranging from 10 to 35 percent off your purchase. Many of our clients have provided positive comments on their satisfaction with our Velvet Super Mink Lashes.

Classic lashes

Flat lashes

This lash line is often recommended for first-time clients who don't want to experiment too much but want their lashes to seem thicker and fluffier. As a result, flat lashes are flattened at the base of the lashes, then taper off toward the tip of the lashes, and they are exceptionally lightweight. At LLBA, in addition to supplying a comprehensive selection of C, CC, D, and L curls, we also provide single eyelash trays and mix trays with lengths ranging from 8mm to 17mm that are very affordable and easy for you. These trays have lengths that vary from 8mm to 17mm. The convenience of the 2mm sticky strip for easy manipulation is another advantage that should not be overlooked.

Flat lashes

Promade fans

This product line may be the most in-demand since eyelash extensions, especially outstanding styles, require it to a certain extent. The most significant benefit is that you may cut your fan creation time in half by using this method rather than doing it manually. The PBT and synthetic silk strands are user-friendly, lightweight, highly soft, and have the appearance of natural eyelashes. Our promade fans provide a comprehensive selection of fashionable lashes, ranging from low to high densities to accommodate hybrid, volume, mega volume, and other looks. Each package contains several lashes, ranging from 450 to 600 fans, with lengths ranging from 8 to 16 mm to assist you in reducing your expenses to the greatest extent feasible

Promade fans

Colorful lashes

A vibrant collection for those who are passionate about great beauty: this collection features a variety of colors , including lavender purple, rose red, ocean blue, sweet pink, and others, all of which have an appearance that is contemporary, youthful, and current. Each package contains between 480 and 530 lashes, all of which have complete curls such as C, CC, and D curls. The incredibly fashionable style of the box is another advantage, as it lends an air of exceptional professionalism to your business in the eyes of your clients.

Colorful lashes

Wispy & Camellia fans

Since the Wispy and Camellia styles need high lashing abilities and originality, these two sets of goods are reserved for experienced lash artists. Because the Camellia style needs you to imitate the development cycle of natural eyelashes, these lash fans require three distinct lengths of lashes to complete the look.

Wispy & Camellia

At LLBA, we provide eyelash trays that include 480–520 individual lashes when you choose this type. Compared to building your fan, these eyelash trays save you more than half the time, which Wispy opinion, is the most significant benefit of using them. The product comes in a range of lengths from 8mm to 14mm and in C, CC, and D curls so that it may fulfill all of the stringent standards of a Wispy fan.

Each one of our eyelash items is crafted from high-quality components, including but not limited to synthetic mink lashes, silk lashes, and more. These things make sure that the required smoothness and softness are there.

In addition, the majority of our eyelash extension products have been put through rigorous testing and are easy to use. It is simple to remove the lashes off the strip and adhere them to the natural lashes thanks to the thin adhesive that measures 2 millimeters in thickness. Furthermore, you will be eligible for various discounts, special offers, and the like to maximize your earnings.

Types of eyelash extension tray

eyelash extension tray

The following is a list of the four primary categories of eyelash extension trays:

Single size

This is the most fundamental type of eyelash tray, and it can be found in the vast majority of brands. This lash tray includes lashes identical in length, curl, diameter, and thickness. In most cases, you will want to use this particular kind of tray to create classic or volume lashes.

Mixed tray

Unlike single size, this lash tray combines many lengths in the same tray, sometimes with the same curl, such as Wispy & Camellia lash trays. This product is top-rated because it saves cost and is often used for eyelash extensions that combine eyelashes such as Hybrid, Cat eyes, Doll eyes, etc.

Mini tray

Mini trays are a form of eyelash trays with fewer lashes than standard eyelash trays, with around 133 lashes or fans. They are an excellent choice for the varieties of eyelashes that are not particularly common. You need to stock them to provide a more varied service.

XL and Double XL trays:

These are the "huge" eyelash trays, and they come in XL and Double XL sizes. They will feature amounts ranging from 1,000 to 1,200 fans, approximately twice as many as standard eyelash trays, allowing you to save both time and money. In addition to that, their hair may be curled in several different ways. These factors have contributed to this product line's popularity among eyelash extensions shops.

Material types of lash extension tray

Material types of lash extension tray

Let's look at the many types of eyelash materials that are often utilized in eyelash trays.

Synthetic Mink lashes

Eyelashes that seem like real mink fur but are made of synthetic materials. Because of its excellent quality and its entirely free of animal products, it has been more popular among the lash community in recent years because of its excellent quality. They benefit from having a smooth texture and matte-black tints that mimic the appearance of natural lashes.

Silk lashes

With a thin and delicate texture, this eyelash is perfect for clients with sparse, weak eyelashes, sensitive eyes, or those who want to attempt eyelash extensions but still want to preserve the natural, gentle style. Silk lashes are a type of eyelash with a thin and soft texture. In the same way as other types of eyelashes, the silk eyelash tray will have all of the necessary characteristics. However, compared to the cost of other standard lashes, this tray will be more expensive.

Which lash tray should you use to apply eyelash extension?

Eyelash trays:

Eyelash trays have been utilized by a large number of individuals, including eyelash extension novices as well as professionals. They employ various eyelash extension methods, including Classic eyelash extensions, Volume eyelash extensions, Hybrid eyelash extensions, and many others. The eyelashes may be altered in their curve, thickness, and length with eyelash extensions, ultimately resulting in the eyes seeming more beautiful and appealing.

Characteristics of each tray:

Depending on the material, curvature, length, thickness, and the number of lines on a tray, there are a variety of eyelash trays available (usually 12 or 16 lines on a tray).

  • Follow this pattern: JJ, J, JC, C, CC, D, DD, L, M...
  • The length might range anywhere from 5mm to 20mm.
  • The thickness ranges from 0.05 to 0.06 to 0.07 to 0.10 to 0.12 to 0.15 to 0.20 to 0.25.

Which qualities to prioritize?

It would be best to look into the eyelash extension tray supplier's information and actions. For instance, how long have they been in business? Are their goods diverse? What's the source of their goods? 

Source quality: When it comes to eyelash extension trays wholesale, many clients choose products from Korea, Japan, and China. As a result, you should look into the origins of the eyelash trays you're interested in.

Support and add-ons: A reputable eyelash extension trays provider will always be accessible to supply you with comprehensive support. They'll help you with shipping and tell you what you'll have to spend. They are also willing to return your order if there is an issue.

There are a few things you may look at LLBA, like our fan page, reviews, how we provide information and treat our clients. Finally, we believe you will require some time to consider your options before deciding. Best of luck!

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