Comparing D and DD Curls

For clients that want a more dramatic effect in their eyelashes, it's our job as the lash experts to have those curls in stock as well as the skill and expertise needed to give them what they want. 

Two of the most sought-after curl types for those who want a dramatic, improved look are the D curl eyelash extensions and the DD curl eyelash extensions. Those curls are usually used to give a dramatic look are D curl and DD curl. They are both much curlier than the C curl.

Generally speaking, the more curled the lash extensions are, the more dramatic they will look when used on natural lashes. Lash artists should, however, have the ability to tell the difference between the varying grades of curves. This can be difficult, as sometimes the key identifying features are difficult to see and we may have to rely a lot on our own intuition! This is especially the case with dramatic curls such as the D curl lash extensions and the DD curl lash extensions.

However, there are still a lot of things to know about them first prior to applying them. They are different for a reason! It’s the basics that we need to learn in order to have a successful career as a lash artist, based on these general, simple ideas that we develop our habits and subsequently our techniques.

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The difference between D and DD Curl

Although the two curl types are not remarkably different from each other, if we separate them and talk about them individually, that will help to paint you a clearer picture of how both work, and in what situations and in what contexts they are useful.

First, let’s talk about the D curl lashes. This is a type of curl that is gaining popularity, and fast. Beauty trends these days are all about more lift and a striking look. This curl will certainly not disappoint in that regard! 

The D curl eyelash extensions are all about the drama; if the client is someone who’s not afraid of being at the center of attention, definitely recommend this curl type. While this curl is not too dramatic, it will give a great lift without appearing drastic.

When compared to the “standard”, popular CC curl, D curls are much curlier, but not by much. There are still a lot of curl types out there that will give you an even more dramatic appearance. The D curl is great for creating an open-eye effect for those with downward angled natural lashes. If the client has straight lashes and doll eyes, D curls are even more awesome. 

On the other hand, DD curl lashes, often otherwise termed as the “U” curl, are curlier than the D curl. Using this curl alone can totally transform downward angled and straight lashes into great doll eye effects. 

If the client has downward lashes, DD curls can be good for opening up their eyes and highlighting them. DD curls are often geared towards the 90-degree angle, which can help discern them from D curls which mostly feature a 70-degree angle.

Essentially speaking, both curl types are best used for those who want a dramatic fluff as well as more volume. Those who want to widen their eyes and enhance their shapes can make full use of the curls. However, if your clients already have upward lashes, D Curls are not ideal, since they can turn out to be overly dramatic once applied. 

Choosing curls based on eye shapes and natural lashes

What may look good on one person may not look good on another. As everyone is different when it comes to physical features and personal preferences, it can be difficult to choose curls. However there are some general ideas we can follow.

For example, if the client has almond-shaped eyes, it’s okay to choose any type of curl so long as the natural lashes can support it and the client is fine with it. 

A D curl and DD curl are more fitting for prominent and close-set eyes to provide that ultra-flattering look. For certain eye shapes such as downturned eyes, you can sometimes blend between different types of curls as well. 

In regards to natural lashes, the rule of thumb is to not go for dramatic choices if the client has weak natural lashes. If they have fine lashes, either straight or downward angled, then a more dramatic curl choice is recommended. 

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