Are Premade Lash Fans Still a Good Choice?

With lash trends changing constantly, being on top of your lash game is non-negotiable for lash technicians.

If you’re always looking for ways to deliver the best looks for your clients, you know the importance of having the right toolkit. And nothing makes as big a difference to your work as a trusty set of fans.

Promade fans are a popular choice, but they also have drawbacks. And with premade lash fans making a comeback, you’re probably wondering whether it’s time to make the switch.

If you’re struggling with the premade vs. promade fans dilemma, here’s a complete rundown to help you make a smart decision.

The Rise of Premade Lash Fans

The biggest reason for the increasing popularity of premade lash fans is the ease with which it helps technicians deliver a Russian lash extension. This is particularly helpful for technicians looking to master the technique in a short amount of time.

Premade lash fans are more uniform and come with long stems, which helps you achieve the look your clients desire easily and much faster. Premade fans are also lighter than promade fans as they use less glue, which ensures the lashes do not stress out your clients’ natural eyelashes.

Despite these advantages, premade fans did receive a lot of backlash. This was mainly because machines made them, and technicians wanted to protect their trade.

That said, technicians are now slowly recognizing the benefits of premade lash fans that can help them do their job more efficiently while also helping them master their skills.

Cutting Your Cost - Cutting Premade Fans?

Cost is a huge factor that impacts any decision you make at your studio or salon. So, choosing an expensive alternative only makes sense if it comes with significant benefits.

Premade lash fans are more expensive than handmade fans. But is the price worth the benefits?

Well, there are a couple of factors to consider.

Combining handmade and premade lash fans to create extensions is the best choice for your budget and client. It helps you reduce the time involved in creating any desired looks.

Another factor is the ease of application with premade fans. Premade lash fans allow beginners to gain experience in creating complex lash techniques with ease. There’s also little to no waste since you no longer have to double-dip the fans throughout the application process.

Although premade lash fans prove a more time-effective option than handmade fans, if you want to earn more, maybe it's time to start learning how to make your fans.

Cutting Your Cost - Cutting Premade Fans

How About Saving Your Time?

Premade lash fans save you a considerable amount of time on your appointments, thus helping you book more appointments. From creating the fans to gluing them and then organizing them in a tray, premade fans save you this time spent preparing for appointments.

Premade lash fans also offer more consistency in terms of the length, shape, and size of the lashes, which ensures precision. So, you no longer have to lose precious appointment hours correcting errors. 

What’s the Alternative?

Premade lash fans offer a lot of benefits, but there are also downsides, such as their thicker base.

And the popular alternative of making your handmade fans isn’t without drawbacks either. Not only does it take a lot of time but also effort, which you would rather spend on scheduling more appointments.

Thankfully, the alternative to premade lash fans doesn’t have to involve the time-consuming practice of making your handmade fans — especially when top-quality promade fans are now available. 

The extensive range of promade fan varieties from LLBA can be your answer!

LLBA Promade Fans - Made by our trained lash technicians 

LLBA promade fans are a great alternative for technicians who want to create a natural yet voluminous look like synthetic fans. They offer the right amount of curl and consistency similar to premade lash fans combined with the softness of mink lashes.

These extensions use a light glue bonding to ensure the fans don’t weigh on the natural lashes. The lashes have a semi-glossed, matte black finish that further enhances their natural appeal.

LLBA Promade Fans - Made by our trained lash technicians

LLBA promade fans come in a variety of dimensions, so you can create both voluminous and natural-looking lashes. The tray sets are a better choice if you’re looking for easy application, but you can also get these in a loose option.

The best part about the LLBA promade fans is that they’re vegan-friendly, latex-free, and cruelty-free!

LLBA promade fans

The Takeaway

Knowing the features of promade and premade lash fans can help you make a more informed decision when creating a desired look.

With the right tools of high quality, it’s easier and more effective to hone your skills and cater to your client’s needs!

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