A Walkthrough Of Cat Eye Volume Lashes

The cat eye is an iconic eye look that has been in vogue for years. And with cat eye volume lashes, you can help your clients wear this classic style every day! 

Cat-eye lash extensions create a gorgeous sultry look that not only makes the lashes look more voluminous but also elongates the eyes and make them look alluring. These extensions help create a winged look without any eye makeup involved! 

This article will look closely at cat-eye extensions, whether they’re a good choice for your clients, and how to achieve the perfect cat-eye volume lashes. 

Cat Eye Volume Lashes

Cat eye volume lashes are extensions that feature short lashes on the inside corners of the eyes. And a gradual increase in hair lashes length as the application moves toward the outer corners.

These extensions look almost exactly like the winged eyeliner look without using any eyeliner!

This style gives the illusion of elongated eyes and mimics a winged eyeliner, creating a subtle cat-eye look. It’s a playful eye look that not only adds a lovely charm and makes the eyes look bigger, more open, attractive, and seductive. 

The best part? You can customize the cay eye volume lashes to create a more glamorous effect or tone it down for an everyday look by carefully choosing the shape, thickness, and length of lashes.

Apart from the classic cat-eye extensions, the extreme cat-eye look is another style that has taken the gorgeous cat-eyes a step further.  The inner lashes typically have lash lengths of 7-8  mm, increasing to 12-13 mm at the outer corner. This extreme cat-eye look is more mysterious and exotic, unlike any other lash style. 

Cat Eye Volume Lashes

Who’s Suitable For Cat Eye Volume Lashes?

With the ever-increasing popularity of cat eye volume lashes, it’s no surprise that more and more clients would want to try this lash style. However, while anyone can rock this look, it’s also crucial to consider the client’s features and eye shape to determine whether it will suit them.

So, who is it suitable for?

Women with close-set eyes and strong jaws can effortlessly rock this look as it elongates and highlights the eyes. It may even suit those with deep-set eyes that look tired, as cat-eye lashes can help open up the eyes, making them look more appealing.

This lash effect is also great for women with naturally strong and short lashes. The tapered effect of cat-eye lashes will help expand the thickness of their natural eyelash shape and make them look more glamorous. 

Those who have round eyes can also benefit from cat eye volume lashes. The wispy cat-eye lashes will make the eyes look narrower and longer than they naturally are and make the eyes appear more defined. It creates an elongated and elegant effect, making  the client’s face look slimmer. 

On the other hand, people who have downturned or hooded eyes should perhaps stay away from cat-eye extensions as they will make their eyes look smaller. 

Techniques For Cat Eye Volume Lashes

As previously mentioned, there are many variations of the cat-eye style, so lash technicians can apply these lashes in distinct ways to create more customized looks. 

Here are the two main application techniques for cat eye volume lashes. 

The Classic Technique

In this technique, the technician will apply one lash to one natural lash. This application method is usually used for women who want a natural look. 

The Volume Technique

In this technique, the technician will apply fans of 2D to 6D volume across the lash line with smaller hair on the inside corner. This style offers a more dramatic and expressive look that’s ideal for those who want to flaunt their cat-eye lashes.

The Volume Technique

The Takeaway

Choosing the right eyelash extensions can boost confidence by highlighting the best features. The cat-eye look is a lash extension style that has gained popularity all over! 

With cat-eye volume lashes, you can help your clients find the perfect lash look that accentuates their features and gives them a naturally sultry style.

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