A Quick Brief To 4 Common Types Of Premade Volume Lashes

Eyelash extensions have gained much popularity in recent times. While many prefer the classic extensions, most prefer the dramatic volume eyelash extensions.

Apart from the high cost, the other biggest setback of volume extensions is that they are time-consuming. 

As in volume lash extensions, you must apply several lashes to a single lash (handmade). A technician performs this on-site during the appointment; it takes a lot of time.

However, a solution for the issue has been discovered with premade lashes. 

Premade lashes have the extensions already glued to one another, creating a fan. Now, this fan only needs to be glued to the natural lash, significantly reducing the time it takes.

If you are all for premade lashes, let’s take a look at your options:

1. Loose Fans 

Premade loose fans are produced in advance as opposed to promade lashes that the tech makes during the appointment. The technician only needs to dip the loose fans in the adhesive and place them on the client’s eyelash. 

You can overcome one of the most significant setbacks of volume sets with loose fans—high time consumption. 

A loose fan is made by joining several lash extensions at a base. So, now the application of the fans becomes faster. It considerably reduces the time as well as the need for expertise. Technicians who are used to applying classic lashes can try their hand at volume with these lashes. 

They are easy to apply and reduce the chances of mistakes.

Loose Fans

2. Ultra-Speed Lashes

Ultra-speed lashes are designed to make the lashing process ultra-quick. 

Lashing is not an easy process. By the end of the first session, which takes around 2-3 hours, technicians are tired, and their hands and eyes are hurting. 

Lashing becomes more challenging when clients have fewer lashes than expected.

With ultra-speed lashes, you save much of your time, reflecting on your health and the number of clients you take in one day.

These lashes come pre-lined. So, the technician saves time in two ways—making the fans and applying the adhesive. The fans come with a light glue bonding at the base. So, all the technician has to do is pick up the lash and place it on the client.

Moreover, the lashes come in a variety of curls and lengths. So, you can customize the look according to what is best for the client and what they desire. 

Ultra-Speed Lashes

3. Camellia Lashes

Volume eyelash extensions are often disliked due to the unnatural look they offer. However, you can overcome this with Camellia lashes. 

As natural lashes are continuously shedding and growing, their lengths are never uniform. So, natural lashes  will be in several lengths at any time.  

Camellia lashes keep this in consideration. So, here, a single lash fan will have lashes in various lengths. A Camelia lash typically has various lashes, each of a different length. 

With premade Camellia lashes, you can overcome the setbacks of volume lashes—time consumption and an unnatural look. The different lengths of the extension produce a more natural look. The results are more feathery, dimensional, and voluminous. 

It follows the natural development cycle of eyelashes and helps create texture and depth.

One other advantage of Camellia lashes is that they are more personalized. So, it helps the client achieve the look they desire by communicating their needs with the technician.  

Camellia Lashes

4. Narrow Lashes

Narrow lashes consist of fans that have a long base. As the lashes are attached at the base, the long stem forms a thick and rich appearance, similar to black eyeliner.

They are ideal for clients with rich and thick natural lashes. So, the application of narrow lashes does not crowd the base. 

So, for such clients, narrow lashes provide a deeper and dark base and add excellent volume at the tip and base. 

Also, narrow fans have a wider base, making application very easy. So, it is for technicians trying their hand at premade lashes for the first time.

Also, narrow fans bond very well and stay on longer. 

Narrow Lashes


Volume lashes give the dramatic flair that is most desired lately. However, applying these lashes is time-consuming and inconvenient for the technician and the client. However, premade lashes spare the painstaking procedure of making a lash fan, making it easy for the technician.

We hope the 4 common types of premade volume lashes help you increase your client base and make the job less tiring.

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