What to advise clients before extension eyelash appointment

When clients schedule their lash extension appointment, they should ensure that the lash artist is a licensed esthetician. Estheticians specialize in skin-related treatments such as facials, chemical peels, and, as you suspected, eyelash services as well. So, theoretically, visiting a licensed esthetician at a lash-focused studio is their best bet.

Extension eyelashes appointment

As a lash tech, you must be enthusiastic about providing outstanding eyelash extension services to your clients, especially first-timers and your loyal customers. However, it is critical to inform them that this will be a lengthy 'sitting' session. Therefore, apart from cleaning your toolkits and arranging your extension lashes and eyelash extension glue parallel, you must notify them that they should arrive prepared.

Identify your client's expectations so that they can plan their time accordingly. Building a genuine bond with your loyal clients is one of the many benefits of being a lash professional. Regular clients come to your beauty salon for beautiful lashes for months or years. However, before any client becomes a regular, they first have to be a newbie to the world of lash extensions. As a skilled lash expert, you must get to know your clients before their appointment. The following are some things to remind your clients before their extension eyelashes appointment.

No make-up:

extension lashes

Before the appointment, inform your client to remove mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and other eye products with a water-based cleanser and pat dry with a lint-free cloth. A clean-faced client will give you more time to work on the lashes. Curling lashes are also not recommended. Your client should arrive at their session with a bare face – no make-up on their skin or eyes and no curled lashes. As a lash technician, you will need to work with your client's lashes in their natural state. 

Please keep in mind that even if your client comes in with no make-up, as a lash artist, you will also need to clean lashes with a lash bath. Inform your clients to avoid using heavy face creams and sun creams because the oils in these products can intrude on the lash adhesive's effectiveness. If your client has the right brush and cleanser, they can also wash their lashes.

Extension eyelashes appointment

Advise your clients to take out their contact lenses. Remind your customers to bring their contact lens case and saline solution. Or you could just tell the client to wear glasses. It is recommended that your clients remove contacts to avoid discomfort and eye damage during the lash application.

Skip the Coffee

Advise your client to avoid coffee and other caffeinated beverages like tea, cola, and energy drinks. Caffeine may cause your client to need to use the restroom during the appointment. In addition, caffeine can cause the eyelids to twitch, making the application difficult. Excessive eye movement may result in the faulty placement of extension lashes. Caffeine and stimulants may also cause restlessness in your clients, which is inconvenient if they need to be still for an extended time period.

Come cozy

Keep in mind that your client will be lying down for up to two hours, so it is your job to advise them to dress comfortably and warmly – as they'll be lying still for a long time, so you'll want them to feel as relaxed as possible while staying comfortable. Avoid wearing anything clumsy that could get your lash artist's way, such as large jewelry pieces, including earrings. Tell clients to dress casually in clothing that won't need to be adjusted all the time.

Use the restroom before the procedure

To finish the job with precision and delicacy, you need your client to be still. The clients must use the restroom before the lash application begins because once it has started, they should not move from their positions and follow the 'lying pretty' for hours rule. Therefore, your clients should avoid standing up for a bathroom break.

Send an inspirational photo first

The lash salon and its experts are the only ones who can satisfy its clients' demands and expectations. Evaluate to see if their desired lash design and volume are achievable. Furthermore, both parties should acknowledge whether the client's request will look good on her or not.


Only proceed with the treatment if both parties agree on every detail of the expected outcome. Then, suggest your client search into the lash looks they like and bring screenshots and pictures. Your clients have probably seen some stunning lashes that have influenced you to schedule a lash appointment, whether it's on a celebrity, a friend, or a beauty salon's Instagram feed. They should save their favorites from discussing them with their lash artist.

Knowing client allergies

Ask your clients about their allergies before the appointment to prevent allergic reactions. If the client has a background of allergic reactions to glue, recommend that they take an antihistamine before heading in to avoid unwanted flare-ups. Also, for your clients' safety, have them sign a consent form during the consultation. Because it's hard to fathom a lash appointment without using strong adhesives for long-lasting retention, the first question you as a lash tech should ask your new clients is whether they're allergic to anything.

Many people are susceptible to the various chemicals and compounds found in the beauty industry. Exposure to such chemicals can frequently irritate the skin, rashes, redness, and even breakouts around the eyes. You will exhibit high expertise by exercising caution and inquiring about your clients' allergies.

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