Top 4 Benefits of Wispy Lash Extensions to Advise Your Clients

Eyelash extensions have secured their place in the world of beauty. They’re an effortless way to get those much-coveted fluttery lashes. And wispy eyelash extensions are the trendiest style today. 

Wispy lashes are a style of lash extension that looks fluffy and has unique spikes. They’re lighter, look natural and elegant, and have a more subtle effect on overall appearance. Take a look at some of the best benefits of wispy eyelash extensions that you can share with your clients.

Effortless Glam Look

If your client is looking for a new way to update their look, wispy lashes can elevate their lash game! No wonder they’re called Kim K lashes! 

Wispy lashes are longer at the ends than in the center, giving them a long and effortlessly glamorous look. They’re perfect for those who want to look like they’ve put in a ton of effort without actually doing any work — we love that! Wispy lashes are also great for those with super-thin or short natural lashes.

Effortless Glam Look

Voluminous Lashes But Not Too Heavy

Wispy lashes give you those iconic fluttery eyelashes without making the eyelids feel too heavy. 

They have alternatively long and short lashes, unlike traditional lashes that are uniformly dense. Because of this, wispy lashes help create a naturally wide-eyed look that’s super flattering on almost everyone. And since they’re incredibly soft and light, they’re great for an everyday look. 

Although wispy lashes offer a voluminous look, they require the same upkeep as classic lashes and must be refilled every few weeks. 

If your client is looking for something with a little more drama without the hassle, then wispy lashes are right up their alley!

Voluminous Lashes But Not Too Heavy

The Holy Grail for Trendsetters

Spike lashes have taken the world by storm over many years and have become the holy grail for trendsetters. Wispy eyelash extensions give the eye a unique spiky effect that appears to stand against the grain.

Additionally, wispy eyelash extensions are usually used in hybrid sets, a mixture of Classic and Volume lashes, resulting in a ripped lash line and a messy effect for customization. Often making them a popular choice among trendsetters looking for something that makes their eyes pop.

The Holy Grail for Trendsetters

The Perfect Time and Money Saver

Getting lash extensions can make mornings super convenient — no more spending excessive time curling the lashes and getting the mascara to look just right. 

And with wispy lashes, your client can sport a glamorous yet natural look all day long while looking chic and effortless. They’ll help your clients save time, effort, as well as money since wispy lash extensions are long-lasting and don’t require too much upkeep. 

Your clients will be happy to know they won’t spend countless hours experimenting with different products to make their lashes look good. With wispy lashes, they can always spot the feathery lash look! 

LLBA Pick For the Perfect Wispy Lashes! 

We highly recommend the LLBA Wispy mix tray to create an effortlessly chic look. These lashes come in sizes from 9mm to 17 mm and are available in curl patterns of C, CC, and D. 

These wispy lashes are incredibly fluffy and bold yet super lightweight. And you get 500 fans in each box, perfect for creating a customized look for your client!

LLBA Pick For the Perfect Wispy Lashes!

Wispy lash extensions are a great choice to make the eyes look brighter and more alive. And when you choose LLBA, you can rest assured you’ll get the highest quality of products and services!

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