Tips for choosing the right eyelash extension length

Eyelash extension length is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to eyelash extensions, and as lash artists it’s recommended that you choose carefully the right lengths for your clients. 

 An eyelash extension length is important—sometimes they are directly related to weight, and choosing the wrong length can harm the natural lashes.

There are a wide variety of lengths available to choose from. Lash extension lengths typically vary from 8 mm to 15 mm for most brands. Choosing the right eyelash extension length will depend on: the client’s own natural lashes and the lash style.

Lash extension length based on the client's natural lashes

There are two general rules to consider when choosing the right eyelash extension length to fit with your clients’ natural lashes.

Firstly, only choose a length that is maximum 2-3 mm longer than the clients’ own natural lashes. This is to ensure proper retention and that the natural lashes won’t break under the lash extension’s weight. Putting too long lashes might end up damaging the natural lashes, as they will be too heavy. 

Secondly—and this is just as important— choose the right diameter. This will depend on the natural lashes of the client. If the client has thin lashes, it will be best to consider smaller diameter, while if the client has thick and strong eyelashes, you could use bigger diameters. Both of these rules should be followed in order not to do unexpected damage to natural lashes.

Lash extension length based on the lash styles

As has been mentioned, choosing the right eyelash extension length based on the lash styles also already takes into account the client’s natural lashes. This is where we make compromises by following our client’s wishes as well as making it so that the procedure won’t harm the client’s own natural lashes.

Usually, most clients go for lashes with a length of around 8-12 mm, as natural lashes tend to have lengths around that as well. This will certainly provide an improved look but not so extraordinary that they become too drastic.

But a lot of other times, our clients will indeed want something drastic! This is where you have to analyze and make decisions for them. Do their natural lashes have the right thicknesses and lengths to support a dramatic extension? Usually this varies from case to case, so this will largely depend on the situation and the client, and there’s no universal way to proceed. 

Usually, naturally long, thick lashes can hold up longer extensions, while shorter lashes are more suitable for shorter extensions. Clients and lash artists alike typically decide on something in the middle. But if a dramatic look is what both sides are going for, so be it! Of course, you will have to be careful about retention and durability of the lash extensions, but the client’s own wishes are important as well. 

The general rule of thumb is to listen to your clients and form your decisions from there. Do they want something full, or subtle? The longer the extensions are compared to the natural lashes, the wispier they will become. Shorter ones will have a different effect in that they will give the clients a fuller, darker look. 

Essentially, it’s all about what the client desires and what you can do with the available resources and experience regarding lash extension lengths to determine the correct style, and how best to apply that style!

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