How to earn more profit with easy volume fan lashes for beginners

What are easy volume fan lashes?

Each Easy Fan lash strip has a small bit of adhesive on the bottom edge to help your lash fans and keep them together as one elegant fan when you remove it from the strip. They're double-layered, and as you pull them off the strip, they instantly make rich fluffy fans. There's another positive thing! They can still be pinched to produce very tiny, snatched, sharp bases. Easy Volume Fans are also known as blooming lash extensions since they generate a fan shape with little effort and are ideal for speed. Easy Fans are ideal for individuals who want to make volume sets but aren't yet comfortable with Russian volume picking procedures.

easy volume fan lashes

The base of the lash is what distinguishes easy fan lashes from conventional volume lashes. They have a special sticky base that keeps the volume fans together, allowing the lash expert to make the perfect fan in seconds. LLBA easy volume fan lashes are ideal for lash artists who want to cut down on fanning time or need extra assistance in making fans. Each lash strip has a small amount of glue at the bottom to facilitate fanning and hold them together as one lovely fan when you remove them off the strip. They're made up of several layers of individual lashes held together at the base by a tiny quantity of adhesive. A single layer is generally used in traditional volume lashes.

How to earn more profit with easy volume fan lashes?

Time saver and profit generator: Time is money when it comes to eyelash extensions. It takes a long time to master the Russian volume technique. With easy volume lashes, you can achieve volume fans in an easier way, which results in earning more profit. Another factor to think about is how long it takes to really perfect the volume technique. This is, without a doubt, the greatest part about applying Easy Fan volume lashes! You’ll save time and be more efficient! 

Easy fans can be an alternative to make volume fans in an easier way while you master the Russian volume technique. You’ll still be able to offer volume sets, while you practice with regular lashes if that’s your wish.

Easy Volume Lashes also save money because each tray has more lashes than traditional volume lash trays. You can also make more fans with a single tray than what comes on a pre-made fan tray.

Who's fit for easy volume fans?

Who's fit for easy volume fans?

Easy Lash fans are ideal for lash artists who struggle to make their own fans. With easy volume fan lashes, you can effortlessly alter the number of lashes and the size from narrow to broad. We strongly advise lash artists to carry these in their toolkits since you never know when you'll need them. As a newbie lash artist, you'll prefer easy volume fans if your ability is limited and you are not ready to leap into the handcrafted volume game. Because this is a difficult skill to master, you can get started by relying on these.

But when it comes to manipulating lashes or customizing the look, handmade volume lashes still make up for a better choice since they require higher expertise.

You can quickly and effortlessly make the ideal fans with Easy Fan Volume lashes! You can have a case of them on standby in case you need to create a few fans by hand to complete a set. If you're having a hard time getting mega-volume fans or are fatigued following a long day of lashing, this will come in handy! The sticky strip at the base is perfect for experimenting, practicing, and creating magnificent giant volume fans for aspiring lash artists!

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