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Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions come in different ways! Depending what kind of look you are trying to achieve, you might have many options, and this is what we are going to be discussing today!

If you want to achieve a regular classic set, you have a few options. 

The most popular diameters used to accomplish classic lash sets are: 0.15 / 0.18 / 0.20 mm. You can see our special super mink classic lashes as an example. Some clients will have fewer natural lashes and will still want to have a classic set, but a bit more than the usual. This is when you can offer to use flat lashes.

Flat lashes are classic lashes, but with a wider base, which give a darker look with less weight. They are great for people who have thinner lashes but still want a regular full classic look. 

Flat lashes

If you want to achieve a hybrid look, you may look for two different types of eyelashes. In order to achieve a hybrid look, you will need classic and volume lashes. If you are comfortable making your own fans, we suggest you use lash trays with 0.07 diameter and classic lashes with 0.15 diameter. 

If you aren't familiar with hand making your fans, we suggest you use 3D promades  fans in 0.07, in addition to classic lashes with 0.15 diameter. 

If you want to achieve a russian volume look, dense and full, here are your options: If you hand make your own volume fans, you should consider having different diameter lash trays in stock. There are different diameters available. The most popular are 0.03 / 0.05 and 0.07. Some companies such as LLBA Professional will carry more diameters. For light volume, 0.07 mm diameters are usually used to make 3-5D fans. They are available either in silk or in mink. Depending on the effect you are trying to achieve, silk tends to have a glossier finish, while mink gives a more matte black effect. 

For regular volume, 0.05 diameter is usually used to make fans between 5 to 8D. This will give a full dense look without looking dramatic. 

If you want to achieve a very dramatic look, you should have in hand 0.03 diameter lash trays. This will allow you to make fans between 8D to 16D without damaging the natural lashes. 

If you aren’t able to hand make your volume fans yet, check out for promade fans available at LLBA Professional. The same rules apply when it comes to diameters. You can purchase any fans from 3D to 16D always respecting the diameters. 

Flat lashes from 3D to 16D always respecting the diameters


Here are some must have accessories we don’t often hear about in lash classes : 

Adhesive shaker 

Adhesive shaker

Shake your adhesive well without effort with the adhesive shaker. No need to shake for one minute and wear out your arm! This will ensure your glue is well shaken before application, so your glue is fresh and ready to use. 

Adhesive wipes

Adhesive wipes

You probably noticed that every time you put a glue drop, there’s some residue left on the nozzle. That can cause waste and that can stick the nozzle to its cap. Adhesive wipes are a must to clean the nozzle of your bottle so you don’t have any problems with your adhesive bottle. 

Adhesive container

Adhesive container

Did you know that humidity can get in the adhesive bottle ? Well, it’s true ! If you don’t store your glue properly, humidity will start getting inside the bottle and your bottle won’t last as long as you would expect. To avoid that, store your adhesive bottle in a cold dark room/container. It will protect from humidity and sunlight coming into your lash room. 


Did you know that the environment can affect your adhesive? To make sure your adhesive is working perfectly, get a hygrometer to measure the humidity in your lash room. You will know if your glue is working in ideal conditions, or if it is slow drying or fast drying depending on the conditions. To read more about it, read our article about adhesive.



Finding the right adhesive isn’t always easy. To find the right adhesive for you, there are a few things to consider: 

  • Your experience in the lash field. It is normal that lash beginners will most likely go for slower drying adhesive, while an experienced lash artist will most likely go for a fast drying adhesive. 
  • Your tastes. Do you prefer a thick or thin viscosity ? Usually, the website will include a description of the adhesives, including what kind of viscosity they are.
  • Your environment. Like discussed earlier, your adhesive is influenced by the conditions such as temperature and humidity. If it is colder and less humid, your glue will dry slower, while if it is hotter and more humid, your glue will dry faster. 

We wanted to make it easier for you ! Here is a chart for you to refer to when it comes to LLBA Professional adhesives.


La magnétique

Hook Up


Drying time

(20% - 35%):

3 - 4 secs

(35% - 70%):

1 - 2 secs

(20% - 35%):

2 - 3 secs

( 35% - 70% ):

1 - 2 secs

(20% - 35%) :

1- 2 secs

(35% - 70%) :

0.5 sec



Medium thin

Medium thin


18 - 22 degrees celsius/ 68-73.4 degrees fahrenheit

18 - 22 degrees celsius/ 68-73.4 degrees fahrenheit

18 - 22 degrees celsius/ 68-73.4 degrees fahrenheit

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