A quick brief to doll eye volume eyelash extensions

Just like dressing up your body, carefully adorning your eyes enhances your greatest features and gives you a boost of confidence. Most people have spent limitless amounts of time trying out distinct eyeshadow techniques for their particular eye shape, choosing whether to emphasize or minimize the eyes may make or break a beauty look—and the same goes for eyelash extension styling! Eyelash extensions can be styled in a variety of ways, from the classic cat-eye to the ever-popular doll eye volume lashes. Each style is tailored according to the shape of your client's eyes.

The benefit of doll eye eyelash extensions

The benefit of doll eye eyelash extensions

The beauty benefits of doll volume eyelash extensions are undeniable. It is what has contributed to the style's growing appeal. As a result, the doll eyelash map is in higher demand among newcomers to the industry. Doll eye eyelash extensions give your client a flattering look. It gives the illusion of longer and fuller lashes while remaining lightweight themselves.

Clients' lash lines become sharper and more gorgeous thanks to the distinctive qualities of doll eye volume eyelash extensions. There are a variety of eyelash volume methods to choose from. Because doll eyelashes are so soft and light, they can accommodate a wide range of extensions without adding much weight to your client's eyes.

Doll volume eyelash extensions give an open-eye impression. It provides an open effect for individuals with petite and small eye shapes. To put it another way, your client's eyes will appear larger and rounder. Lash artists can create even more unique and exquisite lash styles with the use of a doll eyelash map.

Clients who try doll eyelash extensions for the first time feel like royalty afterward. They give off a dense appearance that is both beautiful and luscious. Doll lash extensions add layers of volume to the natural lashes, lifting the lashes and enhancing the eye shape drawing people into your client's eyes, giving them a unique, dramatic yet gorgeous look. This type of lash extension is ideal for folks who have wide-set eyes and prefer a more classic look. These lashes are typically applied prior to a vacation. If your client wants a more natural look, as a lash expert you should go with a natural-looking doll eyelash. These lashes help conceal wide-set eyes and other facial flaws due to their dense look.

The dramatic look of Doll eye volume eyelash extensions

Doll eye volume lashes are a popular choice for people looking for a quick, glamorous look. It is a universal style that can suit multiple shapes of eyes. Before applying doll eye volume eyelash extensions, the artist must assess the client's natural lashes to determine the best curl. CC curl is usually a good choice since it is in between C curl and D curl, which will give a beautiful middle effect. 

The doll eye is the most prevalent type of eyelash extension these days. These give the eyes an open-eyed look and make them appear bigger and rounder. You may create a distinctive look by picking the perfect length for your client's natural lashes because they are customizable. Furthermore, because doll eyelash extensions are so natural-looking, your client won't need any extra makeup to look their finest.

Best methods for doll eyelashes


Classic: One lash extension is applied to one natural lash for classic lashes. The 1:1 approach is another name for this method. This technique is the most natural and gives your clients a little extra "oomph" without going crazy or making them look like they have long lashes. With classic lashes, you'll want to keep the thickness around 0.12-0.15 to keep the natural lash healthy and not burdened down. This will not only maintain your client's natural lashes strong, but it will also help in retention.

Hybrid: Half classic and half volume! A perfect mix of both styles (volume and classic). If your client is looking for a little bit more than natural, go for hybrid. The longest length applied to the central area of the eye usually is between 12 and 14 mm, and then gradually decreases to the outside and inner corners of the eyes. It often covers the gaps of thin natural eyelashes with light hybrid doll eyelash extensions, boosting the density. The most popular mapping for this style would be 8-9-10-11-12-11-10 mm, but of course, it can be adjusted depending on your client's natural lashes. For volume lashes, a thickness of 0.07 mm is recommended with fans of 3-4 lashes, while for classic lashes, a thickness of 0.15 mm is suggested.

Volume style can also be used. For a regular volume, use fans of 3 to 8 lashes in diameters of 0.05 to 0.07 mm. 

As a lash artist, you can choose the suitable eyelash extension procedure based on the client's request.

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