5 Necessary Supplies to Make the Best Hybrid Lashes

With a burgeoning demand for more naturally fuller lash sets, lash technicians would be well advised to master the art of making hybrid lashes. If you’re one of them, you’re in luck- we have every trick you need to create the best hybrid lashes. 

Here are the supplies you’ll need: 

Promade Fans

Hybrid lashes combine volume and classic lashes. And promade fans are just what you need to create volume.

Most artists use promade thanks to its consistency in quality. Apart from that, they’re also light and flexible. This is partially due to their thinner base and a reasonable amount of glue.

Promade fans ensure your clients are comfortable and save you a lot of time in pre-appointment prep.

The best hybrid lashes to buy for creating volume are these Promade Fans from LLBA. They come in a mink and synthetic silk build that’s exceptionally soft, fluffy, and featherlight.

Promade Fans

Super Mink Lashes

Supermink lashes are necessary for your lash session to make the best hybrid lashes.

Supermink can be used if lash techs prefer hand making their fans, an alternative to promades if they don't want to use promade. Supermink  is also used for the classic part of the sets. This is essential to do the classic part.

They are easy to manipulate, whether you aim for natural or voluminous lashes. These lashes give your clients’ eyes a subtle yet noticeable enhancement.

Our best choice for supermink lashes from LLBA is the Velvet Super Mink lashes. They have a rich black matte finish and are perfect for every eye shape.

Super Mink Lashes


The best hybrid lashes will require at least two tweezers— one for isolation and the other for application. But getting the right tweezers is critical to keeping your lashing kit essential for multiple lash sets.

Here are the tweezers you’ll need, their purpose, and the best product recommendations to purchase.


Isolation tweezers are meant to separate natural lashes. With the proper techniques, these tweezers help optimize the lashing time and quality of the lash sets. They’re a standard item in most artists’ lashing kits. A good pair allows you to separate lashes easily and quickly while reducing the strain on your hand.

Here are three of our favourite isolation tweezers from the LLBA series:



This type of tweezer is best for applying lashes. They commonly have an angled tip that makes application easier and less wearing.

Here are our top choices from LLBA:



Whether you're working on mega-volume or hybrid lashes, adhesives or glues are a must-have. Their purpose is to secure the false lashes on top of natural ones.

Since they’re close to your eyes, adhesives must be applied carefully.

Extension adhesives ensure your lashes stay on for a long time. But to provide good retention, they must be applied in the correct quantity.

This Hypoallergenic Speedy Adhesive from LLBA is just what you’re looking for if you want to create the best hybrid lashes.

It has a low-fume level and boasts of a latex-free and formaldehyde-free formula. These features make it perfect for those sensitive clients who suffer from eye irritation and burn after applying adhesives.

The Speedy adhesive cures within 0.5-1 seconds and is designed for use at different humidity levels and temperatures.

Its application is also simple since the glue has a thin consistency, and only a tiny amount is needed to create a strong bond.

You only need to store your glue in the right conditions to maximize its shelf life.



A bonder is a great product that solves a lot of hassle for artists creating the best hybrid lashes. It works to cure the lash adhesive instantly, which means you can deliver a better lashing experience to your clients.

Bonders also make the process of lashing much faster.

They reduce irritation-causing fumes by polymerizing the adhesive. Bonders also replace misters entirely and reduce the need to advise your clients to wait 24-48 hours before wetting their lashes.

Another reason bonders are preferable is that they prevent allergic reactions by getting rid of most allergens.

This one from LLBA Nano Bonder seals glue without shock curing. It gives you all the benefits of shock curing without making the bond stiff and fragile. The Nano Bonder remains flexible, cures fast, and provides maximum retention.

Its application is relatively simple and uses very little bonder. Moreover,  the bonds seal in just 3-5 minutes- after which your clients can wet their lashes if they like!

This bonder is vegan, so feel free to tout it to your clients!

The LLBA Nano Bonder works with both light-cured glues and cyanoacrylate glues. However, this product isn’t compatible with adhesives like Dark Matter or Dark Matter Pro.


The best hybrid lashes allow the wearer’s natural features to shine while accentuating them.

With these five supplies in your hand, you, too, can create stunning hybrid lashes!

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