4D Eyelash extensions: The popular ratio for the Russian volume style

What are 4D eyelash extensions?

As the name suggests, 4D eyelash extensions give the eyes a 4D effect, making them look fuller and more voluminous. It achieves this by latching on four lashes with an adhesive to one natural lash, making them perfect for someone wanting a Russian volume style. The Russian volume look utilizes fine lash extensions in the shape of a fan onto one natural lash. 

This gives a fluffier feel with the lash line completely covered, accommodating 2D to 10D depending on how natural or dramatic one wants to go. 4D eyelash extensions have so far been the most popular choice by clients opting for the Russian volume style. Keeping the face and eye shape in mind, lash artists can choose the material, length, curl, and density for creating 4D lashes that best suit the client and produce the desired results. Because these extensions give depth to the eyes, the layering of the lash extensions onto the natural lash is work that requires an experienced lash stylist to apply for these extensions. The expertise, along with the material required, also determines the price point for an eyelash extension service accordingly.

The perfect thickness of 4D eyelashes (0.07)

The perfect thickness of 4D eyelashes (0.07)

For 4D lashes, since it is a statement-type eye look, the perfect thickness suggested is 0.07mm. Since the weight of the lashes will be evenly distributed, such a diameter will give the necessary flair the client is looking for with 4d lash extensions. This diameter would cover the lash line fully, giving the eyes a soft yet dramatic effect. The most suitable length with the suggested diameter for 4D lash extensions, especially with the Russian volume style is 7-12mm. Anything past 12mm like 15mm should only be used if the client has very long natural lashes .

Who is suitable for 4D eyelash extensions?

Who is suitable for 4D eyelash extensions?

Anyone looking to make their eyes pop should definitely look into 4D eyelashes as they really draw attention to the eyes. Best suited for clients who:

  • Someone with gaps in their natural lashes, as the wider fans technique in the Russian volume style covers such gaps making those with sparse lashes the perfect clients who have the most to benefit from such a look.
  • 4D is a great number to give a natural voluminous look. The only thing to look out for is the health of the natural lashes, as those with already frail and weak lashes should first restore their natural lash strength before going for these voluminous but sturdy lashes that need healthy natural lashes to latch onto safely. This is however, where the lash artist's expertise comes into play because if a client with thin natural lashes wants more volume, a professional lash artist should be able to provide the desired look safely by using wider fans and more lightweight 4D lash extension material that do not bring any harm to the client's natural lashes.
  • 4D eyelashes also just work great with an overall neutral nude makeup look to really accentuate the eyes and draw attention to them.  An experienced lash artist would be able to gauge the proportions of the client's features and then choose the curl, length, thickness, and material that would best suit the client, making 4D eyelashes a worthwhile investment.

The 4D eyelash extensions provide a simple solution to get rid of mascara and look the best all the time. With that in mind, there is no better style than Russian volume to enhance your client's natural lashes.

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