4 Best lash extension products for summer

Summer is here!

The summer heat is the biggest enemy of the lash extensions. People may love basking in the sun, but it can be hazardous for cute innocent lashes. If the eyes are too exposed to sun and heat, the curls get open. So, sometimes it gets difficult to keep the eyelash extensions in place.

But don't worry because LLBA experts have solutions to every lash problem. We tried hard to provide you with the best products that satisfy your client with quality. LLBA has launched the best lash extension adhesives and products for convenience and beauty. That protects the extensions and keeps your clients looking fabulous all the time.

Warm weather and spending more time outside can not only damage the skin. But also hair and, of course, lash extensions will be affected. People can use sunscreen for their face and body, but what to do with precious extensions? Now summer is not a problem at all because LLBA has jotted down the amazing lash extension products to beat the heat.

High Humidity Adhesives

High Humidity Adhesives

Humidity can affect the lash extensions. So they should be applied in the optimal conditions. The ideal range of humidity for adhesives is 40% to 60%, they perform well in between this range. If the humidity level increases or decreases dramatically, it may weaken the adhesive hold on your lash extension. It happens when adhesives dry faster or slower than expected.

The main component of any lash adhesive is "Cyanoacrylate". It's an acrylic monomer that changes its state into the plastic form after application. So that's why the presence of this element in lash adhesive ensures it will dry quickly and stay in place for a long time.

Cyanoacrylate can only start bonding when the surface is not dry and moisture is present. Humidity is like an activator that is used to cure the lash adhesives.

If the humidity inclines, then Cyanoacrylate will bond faster. But if humidity declines, then Cyanoacrylate will bond slowly. Areas where the humidity level is high can cause sweating, which will increase the production of oil in the skin. For this reason, the lash technician should wisely select the best eyelash products from LLBA.

·         LLBA Babylon Glues

LLBA Babylon Glues

LLBA's Babylon glue is an ideal product. Because you can use it in high humidity and temperature, the Babylon glue can work well in temperatures from 21 to 24C degrees. A small quantity of this glue is required to make a strong bond with natural lashes. Shake it well before use.

·         La Magnétique

La Magnétique

One of the best eyelash extension glue launched by LLBA is La Magnétique. That can be used for Classic, Volume and pro-made fans. It works exactly like a magnet; it effortlessly pulls to natural lashes. La Magnétique is latex-free and works well at 18 to 23C degrees.

·         Adhesive Shaker

Adhesive Shaker

Now you do not need to shake the glue with your hands because an adhesive shaker is the way to go! Yes, say goodbye to annoying poor retention while doing a lash extension. It may also put glue on the lid that on opening the lid makes your hands filthy, and all the process goes messy.

So you can save yourself from trouble by using an Adhesive shaker. It also minimizes the shaking time because now you do not need to shake by hand for a minute. By mixing with an Adhesive shaker, the glue becomes as flawless as a new one.

·         Adhesive container

Adhesive container

Do not place the adhesives and glues everywhere. Rather, you have to put it neat and away from moisture because the environment greatly impacts the work. Our adhesive container can hold up to three containers at a time. They will be well protected and safe in these containers by keeping the excess moisture out of reach.

If you are not able to control the humidity of your salon, LLBA'S storage containers will make things easier for you.

These adhesive and glue suggestions will be helpful for the best eyelashes and your salon. We hope you get the right products that are suitable for your salon temperature. 

Pre-treatment and aftercare products for summer

Whenever you get hair treatment or skin treatment, you will have to use specific products after the treatment. Similarly, after lash extensions, the client has to use good quality products for the best lashes for long-lasting results. LLBA has exclusively developed the amazing kit for winning clients' loyalty.

Lash Bath

Lash Bath

Your client may wash the face with a dermatologist-recommended face wash. But when they get lash extensions, it is necessary to use lash bath products. Because the client's eyelashes need services at home, it is necessary to use a lash bath for pre and post-treatment. LLBA has an amazing range of lash bath products in the form of a special kit.

·         DIY lash bath kit (for retail)

And if you want to raise more income, a DIY lash bath kit is ideal for clients to clean their lash at home. This aftercare product is the secret key to maximizing the lashes to the best retention.

·         Prolong lash cleanser

This cleanser is vegan with oil and fragrance-free. It is also glycerine and ethanol-free. This cleanser has everything you need to maintain the best lashes. For best results, apply it twice a day.

·         Nano bonder

Nano bonder

A product that provides extreme flexibility and elasticity to the glue. It helps in maximum retention and reduces sensitivity issues. It works well with all types of glue.

·         LLBA primer

LLBA primer

It is specifically a pre-treatment product. Primer will remove the dryness or oil around your client's eyelid. It allows the glue to bond perfectly with lashes. Prime it all to create the best eyelash for your client.

·         LLBA lash coating sealant

LLBA lash coating sealant

Coating sealant is the best option for a greater life span of lashes. It improves the period and protects the lashes from dust and oil. Try to recommend the lash coating sealant to clients, and they will love it.  

·         Glitter eye under pads

Treat your eyes with naturally made eye pads. It will refresh and heal your skin and make you look younger. It promotes healthy blood circulation and is 100% free from harmful chemicals.

·         Hydrogel eye pads

Hydro eye pads are mostly used during the lash extension process. To make sure that the client's eyes are safe from any mishap and remain moisturized during the process. These pads also avoid lashes sticking and make work easier for the technicians.

LLBA's professionals have provided you with cutting-edge products. So you can easily achieve the best eyelashes, and your client will be satisfied with your work.

Tools for a lash extension for summer

Tools for a lash extension for summer

Do you want summer holiday fun and don't compromise on your lash extensions? Summer can be a killer for extensions. But if you take the necessary steps and use the good product, handle it carefully. You can enjoy both summer and lashes. Be careful before using any tool or product on lash extension. We will recommend to you some of the fantastic LLBA'S products.

·         Brush wand

It is a must-have item for the salon, and your clients can also use it at home. It is made of high-quality soft fiber , easy to use. You can also use it for an eyebrow set.

·         Wooden brush

For aftercare of lash extensions, your client must have a lash bath to brush wands in their bags. But don't forget about the wooden brush too. These brushes are ideal for eyelash cleansing purposes. You can easily wash and clean the lash extension with it.

·         Quite mist humidifier

We got you the best solution to increase the moisture in the room. It is a two-in-one mist humidifier and air purifier. That is used for many purposes like relieving allergies, teary eyes, and skin irritation. It kills the bacteria and increases the moisture of the lashing room.

These products and tools are essentials that LLBA professionals proudly recommend to the lash technicians for the best lash results. To get the best eyelashes in the summers, these products will do a miracle.

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