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Wispy loose fans 9D | 0.05


What is wispy lashes?

The simple way to describe it that is lashing freestyle. It is a combination of different lash application techniques. We will use various lash lengths for a map, going up and down, creating high and low areas through the customers' eyes, and marking some outstanding spiky with the closed fans. This is an advanced level that requires lash artists need to be mastering on isolating, mapping, layering, and applying.

What do LLBA wispy fans help?

Our wispy fans are handmade. It includes a 8D 0.05 fan and a spike (a closed fan) which is 3 length longer. Using this, you will double your lashing speed because you will not only cut your time to create a 8D fan, but to cut the time creating the closed fans.. You can use them for a full set, but it is best to just mix them wherever you need a spike on your map
  • Pro-made Wispy volume fans in the box, 480-500 fans per box
  • C,CC,D Curls
  • Material: pro-silk lashes, soft, matte back
  • Each box is one size and curl.
  • Length: 9mm-14mm (spike is 3 sizes longer)
  • Light glue bonding at the bases, very lightweight.
  • Offer a fluffy, featherlight, matte black finish!

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