Velvet Super Mink 0.07mm - Orange Neon - LLBA CA

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Velvet Super Mink 0.07mm - Orange Neon


LLBA Supermink Colour Collection

  • SOFT and LIGHT: Our eyelashes are made of premium PBT materials, totally handmade, soft, lightweight, natural and comfortable for professional salon use.
  • EASY to USE: The unique foil back transfer strip is removable with no residues. The eyelashes are separate, and no kinks on them. Easy to apply.
  • WELL-KEPT CURL: Double heated process of the curvature will make the curls last for a long time, giving you a charming natural look for your clients. 


    Use lashes that suit and compliment the colour of your client's eyes! For instance, if the client has blue eyes, add a few blue lashes in the lash line's outer corners. This ingenious placement method opens your client's eyes, making them appear big, bright, and lively. Purple gives sky-coloured eyes depth, while yellow brightens dark blues. For a show-stopping look, advise your client to add a flick of vivid liner or an intensely pigmented shadow to their coloured eyelashes. To pop the colour of your client's green eyes, add a fraction of green lashes to the bottom layer of natural lashes. For green-eyed beauties, purple lash extensions are a must-have. Purple lies on the green colour wheel's opposite end, providing some contrast to make those eyes sparkle.

    Clients with hazel eyes are lucky since they can bring out the blue, green, and brown of their eyes with their chosen colours. The same is the case for brown eyes. Brown eyes are perhaps the most common eye colour on the planet. Whatever colour your client desires for their colour lash extensions will brighten their eyes. Contrasting hues, in general, draw attention to themselves. Because brown is a warm-toned colour, your client will look best in gray, blue, and light green shades.

    Clients who wear coloured contacts make the job easier for lash experts as it allows them to match colour lashes according to the colour of their client's contact lens.

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