Tina Davies I ❤️ INK Needle Cartridges 0.35mm 1-Liner

SKU: 035Cart1liner

Tina Davies I ❤️ INK Needle Cartridges 0.35mm 1-Liner

SKU: 035Cart1liner
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Unleash your inner artist and elevate your needle game with the 0.35 mm 1RL!

This versatile needle is perfect for creating stunning, detailed work on brows, eyes, lips, and areolas. With its innovative "no-drip" tip, you'll enjoy improved visibility and increased accuracy for even the most intricate designs. And with 10 needles per box, you'll never have to worry about running out of a fresh, sterile needle for your next client. So why settle for average when you can have precision, control, and comfort with the 0.35 mm 1RL needle? Get yours today!

Some of its highlights:

  • Configuration: Single needle round liner, depositing 1 pixel of ink at a time;
  • Diameter: 0.35 mm;
  • Taper: Long;
  • Fits: Rotary machines;
  • Procedure suitability: Brows, eyes, lips, areolas or any area that requires detail and precision;
  • Best for: Soft gradients, fine detailed effects, dusting and layering;
  • Skin type: Normal or thick skin with larger pores;
  • Safe & sterile: Full membrane to prevent backflow and EO gas sterilized;


  • Greater Control: Soft finger ledge allows for closer-to-tip hold for greater control;
  • Greater Precision: Elongated tip & thinner outer casing for better skin contact visibility;
  • More Comfortable: Soft finger ledge for hand comfort even during long procedures;
  • Seamless Deposit: Thinner membrane & long tapered needles for seamless ink deposit with minimal trauma.


  • Needle selection is based on personal preference, skin conditions, and design demands;
  • To use: insert, twist and lock;
  • Adjust the needle hang on your machine to allow the needle to protrude by 2mm-3mm;
  • Allow the needle to "draw up" the ink into the tip of the cartridge by running the machine and holding the tip in place;
  • Always work off the tip(s) of the needle without forcing it into the skin
  • Maintain a taut stretch at all times to maximize ink deposit and minimize skin trauma;
  • Wipe the tip of the needle frequently to remove buildup;
  • During tattooing, clean the needle cartridge in sterile water to remove buildup and when changing colours, similar to when you are painting;
  • Do not allow the needle to hit the bottom of the pigment cup to prevent damage to the tip of the needle;
  • Dispose into a Sharps container after use, do not reuse.


  • Universal cartridge design is compatible with all rotary machines;
  • EO gas sterilized to industry standards;
  • 304 surgical-grade stainless steel.

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