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Easy Wrap

SKU: Easywrap
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Take your volume lashing to the next level with Easy Wrap - the ultimate lash primer.


Since volume fans were invented, even the most experienced lash artists have needed help with the infuriatingly precise art of wrapping volume fans around the natural lash.

Easy Wrap does precisely what the name promises. Thanks to innovations in lash science, this proprietary formula acts as a magnet for the cyanoacrylate inside your lash adhesive. A kiss of Easy Wrap causes the natural lash to snugly hug the base of the volume fan, creating bulletproof retention!

And that's not all. Easy Wrap also does everything a regular primer does — removes sebum, opens cuticles and speeds up setting time — without dehydrating natural lashes.


  • A next-generation innovation from the Superdry product line;
  • It makes the most notoriously tricky part of lashing ingeniously easy!
  • Improves retention;
  • Removes sebum and opens cuticles;
  • Speeds up adhesive setting time;
  • Compatible with all lash adhesives;
  • A must-have for volume lashers everywhere!
  • Cruelty-free and Vegan;
  • Manufactured in the EU following EU regulations;
  • Note: We do not require patch testing for this product. Please use within 6 months of opening.


Easy Wrap creates a magnetic effect between the cyanoacrylate in your lash adhesive and the client's natural lash. When applied to the top and base of the natural lashes, Easy Wrap creates a "pull" effect at the base of the volume fan, so it fits snugly around the natural lash.


For the best magnetic effects, apply Easy Wrap to natural lashes and extensions (while they're still on the glue strip).

Remember that much power is packed into this little bottle. Be more conservative with the product application than you would be with regular primers. A little bit goes a long way!

Apply at the beginning of the treatment and top off only when needed.

Since this product is engineered to speed up adhesive curing time, it's essential to use an adhesive that only sets slowly on its own to prevent shock curing.

More information about adhesive setting times and how they affect retention can be found here.



Ethanol, Linalool, Hexyl Cinnamal

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