Easy Fan Mega Volume 0.07mm mix - chocolate - LLBA CA

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Easy Fan Mega Volume 0.07mm mix - chocolate

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Easy Fan Mega Volume Lashes are specifically for mega-volume lovers! 
If you are struggling to make the mega volume fans, imagine how this will be your life-saver! This super lightweight, easy and perfect method to create an amazing mega set!
  • Mixed trays in 9mm to 16mm, with new high-quality material, keep curl and retention more than 40%
  • Premium colour lashes, silk material. 
  • Available CC Curl
  • 16-row lash trays
  • Amazing flexibility, time-saving and budget-friendly
  • Offer a matte finish
Mixed tray lengths
  • 9mm(1row) - 10mm(1 row)
  • 11mm(2 rows) -12mm (3 rows) -13mm(3 rows)
  • 14mm(2 rows) -15mm(2 rows) -16mm(2 rows)

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