Brand Ambassador WANTED!!!!

Dear our future brand ambassadors, 

When you are reading this page, I am so thankful that you have supported our business, love our products and want to be a part of it. I am so glad that there are so many options out there, and you choose us.
LLBA (Lash lounge by Ann) has been operated nearly 5 years in Canada. I believe you wanna know a little bit about me - the owner "Ann". I am living in Toronto, CA and was learning lashing 5 years ago when I was un-employed, had a newborn, and started my college as a student at the same time. I won't say that lashing was my passion at the beginning, so as a busy lashing mom, I believe "premade/ promade fans" would help a lot during these time. It was a life-saver for me and for other lashing moms then. That's when the business began.
I still remember the 2017 winter, when my husband was far from home, my baby cried, the homework deadline was tight, and I was on phone because my customers' orders were somewhere else. This brand was with me in my ups and downs like that. The business and my baby were growing up together. This does not only bring jobs for me, but also for my Canadian team, and Vietnamese team, where the lashes are made. 
Nowadays, LLBA lash brand is not only my own, it is a teamwork result. We have people from manufacturing, packaging, shipping, marketing, customer service and support, etc working together. We create many jobs for people and the system behind. We have been shipped domestically and internationally, from downtown Toronto to North Territories, from East to West Coast, to Australia, Mexico, EU, France, Sweden, and many countries who our customers unconditionally love the lashes. Our orders are never limited by the timezone. What we do today is to learn, to solve problems, to progress and become better ourselves yesterday. 
We still want to be here, many more years, serve you longer, and provide more jobs for those who are doing the handmade lashes that you love, the super mink lashes that you adore, to support new lash techs who are struggling starting. Therefore, we want you, our brand ambassadors!!!

Hmm, so...WHAT I WILL GET?

  • Receive premium LLBA products at discounted rates
  • Gain attention on social media platforms through the promotion of your platforms on our social media chains
  • First to try new products. 

And, ....What do I need TO DO?

  • You are recommended to post specific posts 3 times weekly featuring products, comments.
  • A love of social media and an audience/following appropriate to the lash industry
  • Be a positive influence in the lash industry
  • Have a non-private Instagram (if you use personal Instagram/ FB for your business, make sure it sets the public mode and everyone can see your tag/ connection)
  • Tag on posts / Acknowledge in your Instagram profile that you are an LLBA Brand ambassador
Okay, now I am interested more, WHAT IS THE REQUIREMENT?
  • Be a trained/certified lash tech. 
  • Placed your order at our store at least 2 times during the last 6 months. It is to make sure that you know about the products before introducing them to everyone.
  • Have at least 400 followers on your business/ personal Instagram/ FB to connect with our brand.

AND NOW, are you Ready??? 
Leave your information and we will contact you to shortly !!!