Ruthie Belle Dark Matter PRO

SKU: darkmatterpro
Ruthie Belle Dark Matter PRO

Ruthie Belle Dark Matter PRO

SKU: darkmatterpro
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Are you tired of struggling with lashes in the scorching summer heat?

No more frustration, no more lashes falling off, and no more adhesive drama! Say hello to Dark Matter Pro, the lash adhesive that's taking the lash industry by storm. Experience lightning-fast bonding in any weather condition with Dark Matter Pro. The oil-resistant formula ensures unrivalled retention, leaving your clients amazed with the results.

The low-fume, medical-grade adhesive reduces the risk of allergies and irritation, while the infusion of nourishing castor oil strengthens natural lashes. Maximize your efficiency with Dark Matter Pro; each glue dot lasts up to 5 hours, freeing up more time to focus on your craft. And, no more worrying about the adhesive bottle drying out; each bottle lasts 3 months after opening, ensuring you get the most out of every drop.

Get ready to upgrade your lash game with Dark Matter Pro!


    • Bonds in less than a second (0.5 sec);
    • Lash more efficiently — one glue drop lasts up to 5 hours!
    • Good to the last drop: formula doesn't degrade over time;
    • One bottle stays fresh for up to 3 months after opening;
    • Low-fume, medical-grade adhesive = low risk of allergies and irritation;
    • Cures in virtually any temperature and humidity;
    • The oil-resistant formula guarantees clients will be astounded by the incredible retention;
    • It is fortified with nourishing castor oil.


    • Shake the bottle vigorously for 2 minutes before first use. Open the bottle and apply a single drop of Dark Matter Pro onto silicone or foil. Do not apply on plastic, paper, tape, or jade stone, as these surfaces may react to the adhesive. Allow the glue dot to sit for 5 minutes before you start working.
    • If you prefer a plastic glue ring, securely cover it with aluminum foil before adding your Dark Matter Pro glue dot.
    • When you begin lashing, work from the middle of the glue dot, using a scooping technique to extract a bubble of adhesive and apply it to the root of the lash extension.
    • If you use the pinching or finger roll methods to create volume fans, take care not to use hand sanitizers with high alcohol content and do not use regular primers and glue accelerators as their primary active ingredient is alcohol. Contact with alcohol will negatively affect Dark Matter Pro's lash retention in the same way that contact with oil negatively affects regular lash adhesives.
    • Instead, opt for alcohol-free hand sanitizer and use only Ruthie Belle's Adhesive Superdry as a primer/adhesive accelerator. Adhesive Superdry has an alcohol content several times lower than typical adhesive accelerators and is explicitly formulated for Dark Matter Pro (it also works with other lash adhesives).
    • Don't worry about replacing your glue drop, even if it begins to dry out from the outer edge. One Dark Matter Pro glue dot can be used for up to 5 hours! Replace with a new dot only when the texture of the adhesive becomes stringy.
    • **Lash Artist Tip**: Recommend your clients treat their natural lashes with castor oil while wearing extensions. Castor oil is known for its nourishing properties for both skin and hair. Regular application of castor oil will help nourish and strengthen natural lashes and boost lash growth.

    Attention: Dark Matter Pro is incompatible with Prolong lash cleanser because of its high alcohol content. Contact with alcohol negatively affects Dark Matter Pro's lash retention in the same way that contact with oil will negatively affect regular lash adhesives.

    How to store Dark Matter Pro?

    • Store your Dark Matter Pro in a cool, dark place, preferably under 25°C (77°F). Unopened bottles can be kept on the middle shelf of the refrigerator. To start using a refrigerated bottle of Dark Matter Pro, keep it on the counter at room temperature for 30 minutes, and shake well for 2 minutes before first use.
    • An opened bottle of Dark Matter Pro should never be stored in the refrigerator to avoid condensed water from developing inside the bottle and beginning the glue's curing process.
    • When stored correctly, Dark Matter Pro will stay fresh for up to 6 months unopened and up to 3 months after opening.


    • We do not require patch testing for this product;
    • One (1) 15g bottle contains approximately 200 glue drops;
    • Use within 3 months after opening;
    • Not suitable for beginners;
    • With the air humidity more than 80%, we advise you to use regular Dark Matter;
    • Made with medical-grade ingredients;
    • Cruelty-free, Latex free, Vegan;
    • They are manufactured in the EU, following EU regulations.


    Does Dark Matter Pro require patch testing?

    • Dark Matter Pro does not require patch testing due to the medical-grade quality cyanoacrylate used in our formula.

    Which primers or glue accelerators can be used with Dark Matter Pro?

    • Dark Matter Pro should only be used with Ruthie Belle's Adhesive Superdry as a primer/adhesive accelerator. Adhesive Superdry has an alcohol content several times lower than typical adhesive accelerators and is explicitly formulated for Dark Matter Pro (but it works with other lash adhesives, too).
    • Dark Matter Pro is extremely sensitive to alcohol, so avoid all high-alcohol-content products, as they will negatively affect lash retention (in the same way oil negatively affects regular lash adhesives).

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