Ruthie Belle Dark Matter

SKU: 5f15caeb284c8
Ruthie Belle Dark Matter

Ruthie Belle Dark Matter

SKU: 5f15caeb284c8
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Get ready for the future of eyelash adhesion with Dark Matter!

Say goodbye to oiliness affecting your lash game, and hello to a 100% oil-proof solution. But it's not just about the oil-proof formula; Dark Matter takes it further by including Castor oil to help prevent hair loss. Unleash your creativity with Dark Matter, the cyanoacrylate adhesive that's so pure that it works in any temperature and humidity with virtually no fumes.

The fast-setting formula stays fresh on your lash plate without drying out, so you can work with one glue dot for up to 5 hours without sacrificing quality. Say goodbye to constantly renewing the glue dot and hello to a bottle that lasts 3 to 10 times longer than regular adhesives.

And the best part? A 5g bottle stays fresh for up to 3 months, giving you peace of mind and hassle-free use. Dark Matter is a true testament to its quality, made in the European Union with only the purest and highest-grade ingredients. Don't let its black colour fool you; it doesn't contain carbon black!

Upgrade to Dark Matter for the ultimate eyelash experience.


    • Dark Matter must not be used with a primer, sealant, or alcohol-based cleanser/ sterilizer liquid, or else you will find that RETENTION WILL BE REDUCED!
    • Use only TIN FOIL OR SILICON to stage your glue dot for application. DO NOT USE PLASTIC
    •  If using PRIMER and/or Lash Baths, ONLY USE ADHESIVE SUPER DRY and CLEAN 11 Lash Baths, as these are the only primer and lash baths compatible with Ruthie Belle's Dark Matter. Both can be purchased at the following links:


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