IC Factory Lash Lamination / Lift Kit

IC Factory Lash Lamination / Lift Kit

IC Factory Lash Lamination / Lift Kit

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Our new Cysteamine based lash lift will be your new favorite!

  • FAST :The average exposure time for each composition is 7 minutes
  • SAFE : The compositions do not contain ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, thioglycolic acid and its derivatives
  • CONVENIENT : Perfect consistency was selected considering the opinion of lash experts
  • COMFORTABLE : Odorless compositions cause no discomfort to a lash artist and their clients
  • STABLE :The compositions are resistant to temperature and humidity changes, and can be stored up to 12 months
  • Hydrolyzed keratin penetrates into the deep layers of hairs, ensures restoration and protection, moisturizes and retains moisture in eyelashes, makes them silky smooth 
  • Sunflower oil deeply nourishes eyelashes, makes them shiny, smooth, resilient, protects against aggressive environmental factors
  • Grape seed oil stimulates hair growth, strengthens and moisturizes, prevents dryness and brittleness
  • Jojoba oil prevents hairs from becoming brittle, dull, and too porous
  • Argan oil retains moisture inside eyelashes, protects them from external influencesWheat germ oil nourishes and restores damaged parts of hair
  • Macadamia oil promotes growth and prevents hair loss, nourishes and restores damaged, dry eyelashes
  • Castor oil deeply nourishes, softens hairs, stimulates their growth, eliminates dryness, and restores shine
  • Ceramides prevent brittleness and hair loss, makes hairs smoother and shinier
  • Avocado oil intensively nourishes, provides dull hairs with a healthy shine and well-groomed look
  • Linseed oil moisturizes well, eliminates dryness and brittleness, strengthens hair roots

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