Which Eyelash Extensions Style Would You Choose For Your Clients?

Let us guess - most of your clients walk into your studio and ask “which eyelash extension styles work for me?”. In fact, how your clients choose a specific style of lash tells a lot about a person, what they like, and what they want to tell.

Whatever style it is, the first and foremost thing you need to do is choose the right lashes with a lash map ready to go.

Here are some common styles that ladies around the world prefer and what you need for these looks.

Classic eyelashes

These lashes are applied to follow the natural pattern of the lash-line, enhancing the eyes without changing the shape too drastically.

Velvet Supermink Classic

What you need for this look: Velvet Supermink Classic

Doll eyelashes 

This style uses longer eyelash extensions in the middle of your eyes to make them appear larger. This style is often chosen by celebrities to have “bigger” and brighter eyes”.

Doll eyelashes

What you need for this look would be Promode fans 7D, Promade Fans 8D, Promade Fans 9D, and Promade Fans 10D.

Volume and megavolume eyelashes

Similar to traditional lash styles, the only difference between these styles is how many lashes you use on one single natural lash.

Volume and megavolume eyelashes

What you need for this look: Promade Fans 12D, Promade Fans 14D, and Promade Fans 16D.

Ombre lashes

This style is also common with the ladies who want to express their character, but not too much.

Ombre lashes

What you need for this look: Colour promade lashes.

Restock now and get prepared for the next lashing appointment.

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