What are volume eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions volume lashes are all the rage right now, and it’s crucial that we have an adequate understanding of them before proceeding with applications!

If you’re just getting started in the world of eyelash extensions, it can take a while before all the terms and technicalities are apparent to you. In this article, we will talk about eyelash extensions volume lashes.

Eyelash extensions volume lashes are some of the best items you can use to really improve your beauty game, both as lash artists and clients. Generally all eyelash extensions have this effect; they will make your eyes look brighter, bigger and in short much more awake. And all this is achieved without using makeup!

However, there are many differences between some eyelash extensions, volume lashes and others.

What are volume eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions volume lashes are what you opt for if you want a look that’s more glamorous and dramatic. Initially invented by Russian technicians, eyelash extensions volume lashes are also sometimes called Russian eyelash extensions volume.

Volume requires a very high level of skill compared to classic lashing. In order to really understand eyelash extensions volume lashes, however, we must first know the basics of the classic style.

When it comes to classic lashing, only a single extension is applied to an isolated natural lash. This is great for when you need to add extra length and fullness to your natural lash line. Clients often opt for this when they want a more natural look or if they have an abundance of natural lashes.

On the other hand, volume lashing is for those who want a fuller look. They are made by attaching natural lashes to a lash fan, which consist of two to up to 20 lashes joined at the base. If the clients have weak lashes or want more drama and fullness to their natural lashes, then eyelash extensions volume lashes are the best for it.

There are typically two ways to make volume lash fans: handmade, before or during the process of attachment; or otherwise produced as eyelash pre-made fans by a supplier in advance. Both of these approaches have their own benefits. For example, handmade fans, if made by a really good expert or professional, can trump anything a “factory” can churn out. However this requires extreme skill and dedication.

Pre-made fans are designed for easy application; everything is made ready for you to use on your clients. You also only need to learn basic lash extension techniques in order to apply it successfully, which means more artists are able to do the task, meaning more work per day. This helps improve the business as well.

Both have strong benefits, so it’s worthwhile to consider contexts when you’re choosing between the two.

Lash styles using volume eyelash extensions

Essentially, the lash styles using volume eyelash extensions will largely be determined by the type of volumes itself, and how many lashes are contained in each fan. You can mix these fans up, using them together or separately depending on the clients’ needs and your own expert eyes.

Fans tend to be called 2–16D lashes for short. Those basically define the number of lashes for each fan, and it’s relevant to ratios. If you apply two eyelash extensions to one single natural lash, this is called 2D; similarly if you apply three eyelash extensions to one single, individual lash, this is called 3D. The same thing for 5–10D lashes, 12D lashes, 14D lashes and 16D lashes. 

So as you can see, the D here refers to the number of lashes existing in each fan. To make it more easily communicated to other artists and clients, lash artists use ratios to convey the meanings of each type of volume. 

For example, 2D has a 1:2 ratio while 3D has a 1:3 ratio, as in one natural lash versus two or three lashes in a fan. At times clients will want very high volumes, such as a 1:10, 1:12, 1:14 or even 1:16 ratios existing in 10D lashes, 12D lashes, 14D lashes and 16D lashes. 

10D lashes, 12D lashes, 14D lashes and 16D lashes are occasionally mentioned when we talk about volume eyelash extensions, although not generally a lot. We rarely use such high volumes, but rather we use them alongside other lash ratios and types. However, as has been said, from time to time we do have a lot of use for those volumes.

2D, 3D and 5D do exist and are quite commonly used, but generally speaking higher volumes such as 10D lashes, 12D lashes, 14D lashes and 16D lashes are items you should apply if you want a look that’s very dramatic. This is entirely down to the client’s personal preference.

Volume eyelash extensions are essentially all about the drama. The spectacle. The attention. What 10D lashes, 12D lashes, 14D lashes and 16D lashes offer are all this, times dozens. They will give clients an extreme look, but if that’s what they’re going for, what’s not to like?

Obviously, if you only need to apply extra volume without adding excess weight to the natural lashes, 10D lashes, 12D lashes, 14D lashes and 16D lashes are to be avoided. In that case, 2–10D volumes are far more preferable.

These are all the elements you’ll need to consider when applying volume eyelash extensions. Remember, the higher the number, the fuller the lashes!


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