Volume lashes – the doorway to glamour

The boldest, thickest, and most cutting edge of all styles of lash extensions, these pretty sets of wings on the eyes are most often spotted on celebrities!

Russian volume lashing – the original volume lash look – was invented by Russian artists Olga Debronravova and Irina Levchuck. The Russian volume style is in fact a technique of bonding at least two individual lashes and attaching them to a single natural lash (usually referred to as 3D, 4D or 5D fans). Each of these extensions are one to two mm longer than a client’s natural lashes are. This results in a thicker and darker lash line, as if the client is wearing eyeliner.

Naturally, volume lash extensions use a much lighter lash variety than do classic lash extensions, thus ensuring that the lashes are just as safe for clients – as long as they follow the proper care and maintenance.

The later-adapted American volume lashes are more “textured” and naturalistic, with staggered or slightly more uneven lashes. This look is gaining traction among volume clients, and it has no small amount of star power backing, as it achieves the desired fullness of traditional volume lashes while maintaining a more natural aesthetic.

Mega volume lashes are an even more enhanced version of volume lashes, containing fans of six or more elegant, fine lashes (from 0.03–0.06 mm in diameter) placed on each natural lash for “mega” voluminous lashes.

Mega lashes generally resemble Russian lashes, although the extensions often exceed 2 mm in length when compared to natural lashes. It’s relatively easy for lash artists trained in either the Russian or American volume lash techniques to acquire the skills needed to apply to mega volume fans.

Aside from length, volume lash extensions are also categorized by curl. Ranging from a mostly straight curl (J curl) to the most dramatic self-lifting U shape (D curl), these curl types ensure a lash esthetician can create a truly customized look for their clients.

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The advantages of volume lashes

Volume lashes is an ideal set for clients whose natural lashes are relatively sparse and who want to get a fuller appearance. This is achieved by setting more than a single individual extension to their natural lashes. It’s also possible to blend volume extensions with classic lashes to effect a finely textured and yet bountiful brush-like fan of eyelashes.

Clients who receive volume lashes tend to retain them for longer periods than classic lash clients do. This occurs when the several lashes of volume fans wrap around the client’s natural eyelashes, which maximizes the total bonded surface area for the adhesive to do its work.

Lash artists capable of applying volume lashes are advantaged in having an improved scope of services, with the skills to further customize eyelash sets for individual clients. This makes volume lash extension an especially excellent option for long-term classic clients who are ready to up the ante on their everyday look!

Styles of eyelash extensions using volume lashes

With its sheer variety in length, curl, and volume, the skies are the limit when it comes to styling with volume lash extensions. A truly skilled lash esthetician can create their own unique designs specifically adapted to the shape of the eyes of their clients. These designs below are the most popular.

The Doll Eyes:

Spotted on ladies such as Jessica Alba or Megan Fox, Doll Eye style focuses the longer lashes towards the middle of the eyes, thus opening them up and making them appear bigger. This style is effective for most eye types, especially for those with wide-set or down-turn eyes. However, if your clients already have very round eyes or eyes that protrude, consider using a different style for them as the Doll Eyes won’t flatter their eye shape. 

The Cat Eyes:

As its namesake implies, this feline-inspired look puts the longest lash extensions towards the outer edge of the eyes to create a slanted, elongated, and much more exotic look. This style is excellent on clients with strong outer lashes and naturally rounder or close-set eyes as it gives the eyes that extra bit of lift and edge. 

The Staggered Eyes:

Nope, nobody is getting drunk on this extension style! However, a well-made set might create the effect on people looking at the client’s eyes… As mentioned above, the staggered style mixes long and short lashes to create spikes along the lash line to create a slightly messy, staggered look. This style is made famous by the Kardashian clan and J.Lo, who all love the dramatic, intoxicating effect it gives. 

Color highlights:

Have a little fun with your volume lash extension by putting a little color on your peepers. Using synthetic colored lashes, a technician can add an extra bit of purple, or pink, or a myriad of other choices to the client’s natural lashes, thus creating a pop for the eyes.

No matter how they’re styles, volume lashes are dramatic, bold and attractive. They’re perfect beauty enhancers for those seeking greater panache and style!

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