Types of color lash extensions

When it comes to eyelash extension types, there are a lot of things you can do with them with regards to customizations. One of them is playing with the colors.

There are so many things you can do to make your eyelash extensions more fun and interesting, especially when it comes to colors. Color makeup and mascara have been trending in the beauty world for a while, but only until now can you really rock it for an extended period of time and enjoy an even higher quality of esthetics!

Let’s take a closer look at how colored lash extensions work, what they are and why they’re such favorites. If you’re hesitant to go with something as dramatic as, say, purple or rainbow colors, we hope that this article can change your mind. Be wild and be fun!

Common colors of eyelash extensions

What a great color lash extension constitutes can depend on multiple factors. Our first priorities as lash artists have always been our client, and how we can really deliver satisfaction to them. This is regarding the clients’ needs and compatibility. Sometimes certain colors don’t really match them as effectively as others, and that’s where we have to come in and try to counsel them on certain choices.

While colored lash extensions do generally create a beautiful, natural look that is really captivating, sometimes they don’t work as well as intended; and this is because of style clashing. So although we should encourage clients to open up and try any color that they desire, it should still be kept within a limit. This will depend on how your eyes see color tones and how each color matches in certain lights and surfaces.

We will give you a few examples as a basic guideline so that you can get a feel of how to mix certain colors, and consequently when to use colored lash extensions:

  • Blond eyelash extensions are perfect, as you might imagine, for blondes and redheads. For blondes especially, this color is just wonderful because it blends in amazingly with their natural lashes, which helps to minimize the appearance of an extension.
  • Purple eyelash extensions go great with light-colored eyes! It is a good combination when applied on clients with green and blue eyes, to make the eye color really stand out.
  • Green and blue lash extensions are great for those with brown eyes, as in this scenario the natural color (brown) becomes the highlight, providing an interesting look.

There are many more ways that you can have fun with colored extensions. However, remember to keep to a limit; there are no wrong choices, but some are better than the others!

Lash styles using colored eyelash extensions

Colored lash extensions allow for almost limitless freedom in customizations, as they contain a huge variety of tones. There’s something for everyone here, which means that the lash styles created from using color lash extensions will be a little more personal than other types. 

coloured lash extensions

There are two most common ways to mix your colored eyelash extensions: with your eye color or with your hair color. If your hair has a bright color, colored lash extensions are great substitutions for mascara since the latter will be much harder to find one that’s compatible. Color lash extensions on the other hand have lower maintenance and offer an obviously dramatic look.

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If you’re seeking a more toned-down look, a way you could do this is by employing vibrant hair extensions and afterwards picking a colored lash extension to match. Although this might not be a really unique approach, you’d be more than satisfied with your look afterwards.

Another way to create a personal style with color lash extensions is using combined colored lash extensions with standard lashes, although the percentages will of course vary. As a rule of thumb, using this method, the higher the number of colored lashes, the bolder and more vibrant the final result. This is something almost impossible to achieve for mascara.

If you’re looking to take risks, you can go all the way: all colored lash and no regular extensions. If you’re fine with being the center of attention everywhere you go, this is an amazing option. In the same breath, you can also pick pretty much a rainbow of colors and use them combined with standard lashes (and without is fine too).

Mixing a multitude of colors is generally fun and tends to create a beautiful result that is more than worthwhile. There’s no need to wait, get dressed and get noticed! Make a statement to the world by being you, that you are here, that you are daring and that the world is your backyard. The more you open up to experimenting with color lash extensions, the more you will realize how free you are.

But open up to being free first. Open up to having a style that truly rocks!

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